Friday, August 10, 2007


For some of Indians, movie is like an obsession. Some superstars like Rajnikanth have a fan-following which could rival the most popular stars of filmworld/sports/politics. It is almost an obsession to watch a new movie of such superstars on first-day, first-show. Of course, do not belong to this minority. I always prefer to get some reliable feedback on a movie from a dependable source, before I go out watch or even watch at home. So, to land for this new film on first day ( not for first show, but late afternoon show), was courtesy the pressure from family. So, I walked into the theatre with lot of apprehension.

The film’s story is spun around a game other than cricket, but hockey. Not even men’s hockey, but women’s hockey. It talks about our mentality to doubt the patriotism of a Muslim player. It stresses the importance of hard-work, planning, team-work and to put country above everything. Also, how people give importance to cricket, our thoughts on a girl-sport, how our associations work etc. I have never been a fan of Shahrukh, but I am beginning to see his brilliance… The way he handled his Swades, compeering at film fare awards, coffee with Karan, KBC 2, etc… Of course, his sense of humor and the way he has handled his stardom are two things I admire him for.

Of course, you can always count on Yash Raj Film to pick up such a theme and come out with a good final product ( and also market effectively thereafterJ)

Hats off to YRF and SRK for this fantastic effort…