Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Publish your own book

We dreamt of becoming a sportman/singer/actor/etc as a child....till much later into adolescence...

here is an opportunity to write your own book... one of the options, that is

start blogging... then through Blog2Print by Google, you can publish ... start blogging !

Turn your blog into a book!
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WEALTHY traffic violators... Beware!

Traffic fines have never been fair... when someone receives a ticket for violation, he complaints about others who are left scot-free for making similar violations, if not more serious. Also, the quantum of fine was always linked to the category of error. But that is now set to change...You may be fined depending on 'your wallet'

At least Europen countries are taking the lead by pegging speeding fines to 'capability' ( not willingness) to pay. That is income-level !Switzerland, Finland, etc are current examples. Many other european countries set to join.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If we wanted to keep Pak players out of IPL3, we should have done it with lot more finesse and professionalism. If IPL is getting less sporty and more commercial every year, this was a new low. We can not ill-treat sportmen, whether they are our own ( a la hockey players/Bindra recently) or others. Let us BE FAIR !

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Character in Leadership

The story of Tiger's personal life has come as a big shock to all his fans, world over.

I always felt celebrities, just like us common people, have the right to privacy. But, once you are on public domain, you are subject to scrutiny, rightly or not. I wonder how such great achievers miss out on this important aspect of life, 'character' ! We have heard of so many people and their deviations from the 'prescribed path'. Is it due to the upbringing, society, situations, education, value-system... ? Master says, THE END OF EDUCATION IS CHARACTER

Personally, Tiger 'has' been closest to human greatness in sport. As a child, we always wanted to excel in our favourite sport (not golf though). But the change he has brought to the game, apart from his personal achievements, is what makes him truly great. In my office, I have a small model of what I would like to be ( from one of the training programs): a  Teacher ( profession), a restaurant owner, a singer, or a Tiger Woods! To achieve greatness in one's own chosen field ( usually we are in a particular profession by accident, not by choice) and to give more to the profession than take !

We need not be guided by these so-called great people, not bench-mark against them. But aspire simple greatness, in a holistic sense... That is Spiritual & closer to Divine, man being crown of God's creations

Winning generates momentum, but character sustains it. Tiger's story is a cautionary tale about character.

Indian Scene... when not incredible!

India lost yet another big match. While the Sri Lankan's took a gamble to field in the last match, to be better prepared for the final, we were glad about a good victory. But when it mattered, our so-called 'strong' batting line-up failed, yet again. We need couple of senior, matured players in the team. Dravids/Sachins/etc. Quite a few hearts would have been broken, due to this. Sadly, people would have skipped their work and stayed indoors to watch the match !!!

While the cash-rich, pampered cricketers made a mockery, there was some good news on the hockey-front. Thanks to Kalmadi and Pillay, and all those who came forward with cash offers, hockey team will get back to what they love the most. Hockey India definitely failed to handle this crisis, if not prevent. The players looked so much unlike our cricketers. They come from humble background, and have lived on a big dream and hope. The establishment has no business to be unfair to the players, in the name of playing for country vs playing for money. Their dreams involve both...

As children, most of us dreamt of becoming a Kapil/Gavaskar/Vijay Amritraj/Prakash Padukone/Pargat Singh/etc... Looking at this, we don't regret... can not complain... ( no sour grapes here) though corporate politics is no better usually...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Safari @ Kenya .... contd

Our guide in Kenya spoke eloquently about the impact of global warming on Kenya.

Countries like USA, China and India can not shy away from their responsibility. USA should lead from the front as the sole superpower. China aspires to be next super power, they need to think and act like a leader. India is a spiritual country. We need to take the plunge, instead of waiting for US or China, to take the lead. The political leadership has to take the important step to save the earth...

Glad to read about Wang Shi, businessman from China, who went in search of snow at Kilimanjaro and found no snow. (He was inspired by Earnest Eeminway's ' The Snows of Kilimanjaro'. We need more such influential people to take the lead. They can inspire people around them. Celeberities need to take a stand too. Priyanka Chopra, India's popular film actress, is actively supporting Green Initiatives in India. We need more such popular & successful people to take a stand and make a difference

Sunday, January 10, 2010


One more inspiring thought on MEDITATION...I hope many people will have 'I WILL MEDITATE DAILY' as one of the NY resolutions. Resolution or not, pl don't miss the opportunity to experience true joy... bliss...!

"The only thing on which you can be prodigal with your time is meditation, is sadhana, because that is what takes you up on your evolutionary path. But unfortunately, most of us, most of the abhyasis, have little or no time for meditation."

Shri. P. Rajagopalachari, President, Shri Ram Chandra Mission

Saturday, January 09, 2010

India, these days...

  • Indian cricket team struggles against Bangladesh, and a captain's knock by MSD ensures a win. Why are we not able to play consistently well and thrash such teams as Bangladesh?!!
  • Clinical wins... Australian cricket team does it quite well. But, 'Australia' reminds their recent attack on Indians living there.  
  • Hockey team has to protest...stage a walk out... ! What a shame ! They play for our country . . .
  • A cop is denied emergency treatment by two senior TN ministers ! We are so insensitive... and our political leaders are embodiments of such insensitivity. 
  • Shashi Taroor has got himself in trouble yet again. Now he is becoming more predictable to get himself into trouble regularly :)
  • Sanjay Dutt has quit too. Stick close to.... ( He should check In Search of Excellence, for inspiration!)
  • Perhaps Taroor and Dutt are not cut out for politics ! But Taroor is popular among the youth ( TED was brilliant). He has the guts to voice his opinion, even on Gandhiji & Nehru !!! We need such politicians also. He should go and tackle australian problem... may be he may adopt Gandhigiri !

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Came across a report on Dubai Airshow...sharing thoughts not on the actual air-show, but a related report on GOOD PARENTING !

Massimo Tammaro is a happy man.. as a child he dreamt of flying. At 41 he is just doing that, and enjoying every bit of it. He thinks he was 'lucky'... He attributes the secret behind being a successful fighter pilot to : a combination of a God given gift and his mothers good parenting.

Source - Gulfnews

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year...

The celebrations are over... time to get back to 'business' !
One more year behind us. Time to look back and introspect. Pick up the lessons and move ahead.
Live in the Present, Here & Now...

It has become fashionable for people either to-make-resolutions-to-break or, no resolution at all. To resolve or not to... is a personal choice :) But what is life if we don't move , that too in the right direction, preferably with a gear shift!

Some personal thoughts, resolutions that will guide me throughout 2010:
  • Be fit and healthy- self, family (and others )
  • Go green... go organic, go local
  • Smile... Reach out
  • Grab an opportunity to make a difference 
  • Be frugal - spend less/right, save more 
  • Manage time still better
  • Still lesser TV, more books ( switch to Kindle ?), learn a new form of art
  • Work harder, more passionate, but try for joy @work - work-life balance, family focus
  • Proactive leadership
Wish you and folks a great year ahead. May 2010 be the best year for you....Let me have your thoughts too, thanks.