Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sanathana Sarathi On Line

You can now down-load e-copy of Sanathana Sarathi @

This will help us in 9-Code compliance - reading Sai literature. 

Happy Reading !

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Law of Karma - way out ?

We blame karma for lot of things. We feel 'victimised' in the present. But, there is way out of Karma-effect, at least partially: 

The Law of Karma is not an irreversible iron law. Dedication to the divine and purification of thoughts, words and deeds invite divine benediction. The effects of karma can be modified and its rigour, mitigated through grace. 

But then, the path is not easy.... With so much distraction. The choice is ours!

When vices hold sway over your heart, it becomes foul and sooty. The flames of desire, anger and miserliness (kaama, krodha andlobha) leave char within your heart. Do not despair or lose heart if vices trouble you. 

If at all we needed confirmation... God is everywhere, always ready to shower Grace. We just need to make the choice and be on it, with 'relentless discipline'. Not easy, not difficult, But the choice is definitely ours, to Live SSpiritually !

There is no place where God is not present. There is no being to whom He denies blessings. Grace manifests itself by quenching the flames within your heart and confers bliss which desire, anger and miserliness can never confer. God is immanent and eternal. Follow the path and obey the ideals laid down by the Lord with relentless discipline. Your mind will be purified and divine grace will be ref lected therein.
- Divine Discourse, Apr 10, 1965.

Source - Sai Inspires fro m RadioSai

PS : Even the picture appearing on the blog is just appropriate - the mighty Himalayas  

Where is God ?

While travelling to PSN, listened to the wonderful interview with Mr Isaac Tigrett on RadioSai.

Swami asked him once, 'Where is God ?"

Mr Tigrett replied, "in my heart"

Swami clarified, "it is like fish in water. Man is the fish. God is water. We are all in GOD"

Wow !

We just need to "connect"!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vata Vruksha @ PSN

Was at Parthi last week...

Glad to share this beautiful photo - across Chithravathi, from Puttaparthi. Very peaceful too.
It was very hot, during day time. But, ok in the evenings.

Among other things, I made it a point to go to the meditation tree on the hill, on the way to the ad block of Swami's university.

Hands in society & Head in forest...!

Sitting under the tree had a great calming effect - should be an integral part of Parthi trips

                                                              Meditation Tree @ PSN ( Courtesy : SSSCT website)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bengaluru's Trees

Dear friends...  esp living in almost anywhere in amchi Mumbai/North India, Gulf & beyond!
B’lore weather rocks!!! Today, it is overcast and very pleasant!

Have been going around the city, over the last two days. In spite of the traffic congestion, noise and dust, this city is so different, concrete to the other concrete urbanisation elsewhere. So many huge trees, right in the middle of the city. Thankfully, we have army cantonment right in the heart of the city. But trees are mostly in the ‘old’ city. Not so much in the localities, which have come up recently. We have been very rude to the environment by reducing the green-intensity L

Trees all over…!! But so many ads appear ‘on’ and ‘around’ the trees, with nails and metallic wires used to ensure the fliers stay on. We are very insensitive to the trees around us. Dear Bangaloreans, let us spare the trees to…. ‘JUST BE’ !

·      Let us derive the peace of a tree… standing tall and unperturbed by all the commotion around.

·      Let us be like a tree just helping us breath - not spread negativity

·      Let us provide shade, just as trees protect us from the heat of Sun.

Next time, when you are going around Blore city, don’t miss to say a silent thanks to the majestic trees of this garden city. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

SSpiritual Score or Progress Card

'We are not human beings going thru spiritual experience. But, spiritual beings going through human experience'

Heard these lines few days ago... very inspiring !

To be SSpiritual, is to be on the path, always. But we keep swinging from different levels of consciousness, like a pendulum !! We need to constantly remind ourselves & remain in blissful consciousness.

Kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada & matsarya are the enemies. Not necessarily in that order. Of course, they take charge at different times, with varying control of us !!

Ok, we are on spiritual path... for a long time. How do we know if we are making progress?? ( Interesting brief discussion on RadioSai)

Swami's reply was over the years, when we have tried to be more SSpiritual, have we become more & more loving ? 

So beautiful !
Very easy to test !

Personally, miles & miles to go.... !

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Siddhi Vinayak Darshan

Took an early morning trip to amchi Mumbai's Siddhi Vinayak temple

Blissfully !

Monday, May 07, 2012

Golden Age predicted by an economist

Came across this interesting interview in DNA - 'US, India are on the verge of a social revolution'

Ravi Batra is an Indian Amerian economist & professor in US.

He is also famous for some big predictions, such as fall of Communism ( in 1978!!), etc.

Of course, the forecasts are based on THE LAW OF SOCIAL CYCLE, pioneered by his guru, Late Sri Sarkar.

'It works on the human mind !! 
He divides society in to four categories - warriors, intellecuals, acquisitors & labourers'. I felt this is similar to the four strata of our society, kshatriyas, brahmins, vaishyas & sudras, respectively.
As per the theory, each of the groups take turns to dominate/rule the society.

As such, US & India are on the verge of a social revolution.... His latest book is titled, The New Golden Age!

A quick check of Amazon reviews - 14/15 have rated 5/5 !!

My fervent hope is the Golden Age will based on a strong foundation of spirituality, as the world collecively seem to slip to a new low in its materialistic pursuits !