Friday, December 25, 2009

Safari @ Kenya

Nairobi - Giraffe Feeding !

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Safari@ Kenya - Nairobi Local

Nairobi is very much like a third-world city-capital, with its slow traffic, pollution, predominantly lower middle class/poor people rushing around trying to make both ends meet... The average person on street lives a life insulated from the inflow of trourists, for over four decades now. Sadly, whether the colonial rulers or the invaders from other parts of world or even their descendents, have not helped country to go up the 'real' development-curve.

The animal orphanage was our first stop. Any 'orphanage' is a sad story, this no different. The animals were in zoo-like conditions. It had cheeta, lepord, (not so) wild buffallos, ostritch, birds and few monkeys....

The tired looking big-cat was not an encouraging sight. A lepord was hyper-active. The birds were beautiful!

But the big, pleasant surprise was the twin-lepords which sprinter Usain Bolt had 'adopted'... they look as majestic the great athelete himself !

Safari @ Kenya

Waiting for boarding announcement, after clearing the formalities of international/ late-night travel, sat down to clear personal mails. The timing was perfect-as a mail read 'Tourists robbed in Kenya'. Just few days ago, there was a newspaper report on tourists killed in Nairobi. Also, the surprising reaction from all who came to know of my destination (Kenya!!). Of course, when I checked the mail, full of expectation of 'some gory details', it turned out to be a troop of monkeys helping themselves with the luggage atop a car ! Of course, the monkeys found some of the clothes most intriguing !

The flight from Dubai, on time thankfully though at 130 AM, reminded me of Jetairways back home. Smaller aircrafts, but very friendly and professional staff on-board. Night travel is quite unbearable... nothing to beat the comfort of a bed !

Reached Nairobi 'very' early morning. The airport is quite old, the new wave of airport-improvement-projects have not hit Kenya yet (despite a prominent presence of Chinese construction entities) ! The staff at immigration were very friendly, surprisingly. They greeted, completed the process slowly, but always engaging us talking about cities/states of India, including 'God's own country' ( my native state), 'Bhopal' (my passport issued from there), etc. I wonder, why immigration staff at almost all airports are serious and give all incoming passengers a suspicious look! Professional difficulty !! :)

Checked into a hotel. Nothing worth mentioning about the hotel, hence identity of property withheld!

After getting ready, we set out to discover Nairobi.... :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sachin's 96 at ODI

We have got one more point to 'discuss' !!

Karthik should have tried to give strike to Sachin and facilitated Little Master to reach the milestone.
But it was more important to win the match and Sachin should be happy with the 'winning knock'
If he was keen on 100, he would have accelerated the scoring rate when in 80's, as commented by Sunil Gavaskar

Perhaps, Sachin (his critics may not beleive) actually does not play for records!

Good for him, for the game and the spirit of any team Sport

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back from vacation !

William Osler - "We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life." (Source-Gmail)

Back from vacation. Just got busy @work and catching up on couple of pending things on the personal front. Lots of thoughts and experiences to share from Kenya@Safari. 

But more importantly, our leaders and elected/non-elected representatives at Copenhagen are showing no signs of visionary, responsible, representative and matured leadership. While the future of Earth is in their hands, they are clouded by their egoistic and narrow minded ( at times, related to the country they represent). It is time to rise above and do what we need to save the earth for future generations. Our children will not forgive us if we miss this golden opportunity to get back-on-track. The silent majority need to voice their opinion. The few protesters at Copenhagen are being treated like street-criminals. Most shocking.... 

We need decisive action from the world leaders...on climate change at Copenhagen.