Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jet Airways Strike

We were always proud of the brand Jet and the way they transformed flying in India. I have had the opportunity to interact with few seniors at their corporate office, while working in Mumbai ( Jet was one of my key accounts and one of my favourite). As I grew in the organisation, I reached the Platinum level of their frequent flier program. Even here, in gulf, while trainers would talk about the service quality at Ritz Carlton as an example, I always gave the example of Jet, even if the local listener(s) were not familiar with the brand.

I personally do not look for any travel option other than Jet, for my family & self. At times I have ended up paying a premium, but I could count on the professional service of Jet.

Sometime back, I was delighted to spot Mr Goyal at Mumbai intl airport to flag-off his inaugural flight to Gulf!

This episode is taking away all the goodwill and reputation they have built over the years...Going by the press reports, both sides are sticking to their unreasonable stand, at the cost of the passengers.

Thankfully, as I travel to India today, I am not booked on Jet. But after two days, I am...keeping fingers crossed ! This annual vacation could hinge on Jet flights sticking to their schedule, a factor I had always taken Jet for granted ( to be punctual!)

A reminder to all at Jet, from their website: Jet Airways launched its Yellow Rose campaign. People are like roses, and like the flower they require friendship, warmth and caring.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Life is a Game...

My son sent a sms checking if he could buy a computer-game... I was in the middle of something serious at office... and he was seeking permission after his shopping for clothes, a MJ CD, etc. I replied, 'LIFE IS A GAME, PLAY IT.... BIG!

He would have expected a prompt & simple, Yes or No...Usually I say 'Yes', unless it is a real unreasonable demand. It was more due to my frame of mind, that I responded so...I was not in favour of a 'Yes' and as always, reluctant to say 'No'

Part of my value system as a parent, minimise the number of 'NO' to the child. I am conscious to ensure he does not take advantage of it...

He did not give up, asked for the meaning of the phrase. How can anyone explain through SMS

how life is a game, that we have no choice but to play ( can't be mere spectator)
how critical it is to play it well,to the potential and the right/fair way... and
how to play BIG! A Sachin/Tiger/Federer in this game too...that is minimum benchmark.

Keep Playing!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Being Vegetarian

Saw a blog on Times of India, about the dilemma a bong-guy to find a vegetarian bride!! (

The blog was a dissappointment. But some of the comments were interesting and more to the point. I am a converted veg, my wife & son are non-veg. Life, family/marital, is more than mere food-habits. When a die hard non veggie ( I used to eat four times a day, same as our pet dog!) opts for veggie for spiritual reasons, the whole perspective changes, which has to be experienced. Also, we overcome one of our weaknesses in life, least to a great extend. Living in Gulf, it is difficult. More disgusting is when people at big brands (When asking for veg meal, employees at McDonalds/Pizza hut, etc0 looks at me as though I am from outer-space. couple of times I have reacted for their insensitivity, with little impact on them.

We are what we eat.
Our teeth, unlike that of animals, are not originally designed for eating meat.
We kill ( check out how Sushi appears on the dining table).
The impact on environment is tremendous....

Still, let me add, it is a personal choice and we should respect.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Thursday Thoughts, Spiritually

Someone asked, why spiritually is specifically added to my weekly (Thursday) posts, esp when I maintain everything is spiritual.

Everything is 'spiritual', but the fact is I (we!)am not always spiritual, at every moment. And that is the goal, for sure. We forget our true nature, which is of happiness/bliss or Sat-Chit-Anand. To be in that constant awareness is being truly spiritual...

One more Onam is behind us... Last year, I was in India, enjoying my vacation. Looking back, had posted this ( Happy Onam @ My feelings/greetings are no different this time either. The spirit of Onam just got more relevant today, compared to last year...
But this year, we lost two dear people ( one in family & other closer than family). Hence, as per custom 'no celebration'... So, I chose it to be more spiritual! Not only on the day of Thiru-Onam, but the 10 days before that. It was beautiful...

Festivals, as a child, was more of fun, food, new clothes and family get together to play with cousins and friends ( with no pressure from parents to 'study'!). Later on, it became religious. But it was Onam celebration at PSN I re-discovered the true spirit of Onam. Of course, my perspective of all festivals, of all religions and faiths, changed for ever, for better.

The reign of Mahabali was one when all were equal, there was no crime of any kind .... and all were happy. Today, when Mahabali visits his favourite kingdom, once a year on Onam-day, he would find it shocking! He would be tempted to call off his annual visits!!!

The Golden age, which each of wish, is within our reach. It starts with us, with ME....