Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jago voter

At Mumbai airport...on SSpiritual journey

Next to me a Japanese, in serious conversation with a mumbaikar... Not cricket or economy, but on politics & recent elections. As always, Japanese are so well informed about local 'factors'. ( that is my personal exp in MIddle East too )

But I was shocked to hear mumbaikar saying, 'he does not vote'! He is fed up with inflation, petrol price hike, corruption, et al !

While a majority of us are very sad about the situation, we can not escape our responsibility - we need to cast our valuable votes.

May be next time we need someone like Sachin tendulkar & Anna Hazareji to appeal to voters, over & above Bollywood biggies

iPL @ Dharmashala

It is drizzling !
But, runs . . .torrential ...!
a young Marsh & veteran Gilchrist...Gilly seem to be peaking at right time.
Will law of averages catch up with Gayle? Or will he give yet another dream-start?

'POONJAB' seem to be on a very strong wicket, in spite of drizzle :)

PS: Dharmashala should have been spared of cheerleaders - opportunity to innovate !

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cricket Dreamz.......

I had a dream... ( not the Martin Luther King types !)  not one, several ! But remember one distinctly.
Do I say I slept well or had a disturbed sleep ? ( I felt jealous when Warren Buffet said, 'he sleeps like a baby' on NDTV !)
Surely not insomnia, but hope no 'apnea', a new disease I heard of recently... one of the diseases of this century !!!

Back to the dream : I was playing cricket.... on a hilly terrain! I was fielding and the ball went down the hill...I went after the ball... While going down the hill, I was thinking ( even in the dream!)... what a silly thing I am up to. Wasting time chasing ball down the hill, playing cricket, et al.
I woke up and was glad it was only a dream after all.

Surprisingly, today's mach was at Dharmashala, with a majestic Himalayan view !!

Wonder, was it my conscience pricking me in my sleep... I  did catch up with part of yesterday's match, as it had Mumbai Indians. ( I am still on a TV-viewing-dieting!)  And they lost miserably. Got strategy & tactics wrong, I felt, though I don't claim to be a cricketing strategist !!

Did not waste time today, watching the IPL.. Utilised time better, praying ! Trying to practise what I have been preaching... to Live SSpiritually !

Friday, May 13, 2011

Priorities in life

Prioritise…. Key to success and happiness... contentment.

Had a brief, interesting discussion with a colleague/friend… set me thinking.

What are the priorities in life:

He said, he was very clear abut himself...

1.       God
2.       Family
3.       Work/self

What are yours ?

Just thoughts...

Weather in March and most of April were very pleasant in Middle East, at least parts of ME. Unusually nice weather was a pleasant surprise for all, including locals. They were unanimous to 'blame it' on global warming, but were not complaining...  Some felt it was the result of the disaster in Japan and its impact on environment. We will never know the exact reason...

How many of us are willing to go the extra mile to be environment-friendly ?

I step out of home during day time to find the lights on, always ! Most of ME is virtually desert - where is need for lights during the day time ??

While the world is trying to get rid off the addiction to junk-foods, the outlets continue to offer an overwhelming variety of non-veg food. Even Mac does not serve McVeggie, in parts of ME !! Are these global brands being a bit irresponsible and environmentally unfriendly ??

This evening I stepped out to pick up plastic bottles. While all shops/malls, big or small, carry bottled water, good plastic bottle was not available with anyone. I even checked the medical shop to branded shoe shops to 'bakala' ! No one had it ! They do no feel the need to stock, as customers would rather use bottled water or other fiz drinks and dispose off empty bottles, to add to the pollution !!

The world need to rise to a more responsible living... be aware of and passionate about being environmentally-friendly...before it is too late...we owe it to our children and future generations!

Live SSpiritually...

PS : But summer has set in with a vengeance now...