Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eco Friendly Festival

One aspect of Ganesh Chaturthi stuck me...the mandals were playing filmi songs and organising programes, mostly filmi ! Not quite religious or spiritual, I felt.

Ganesh visarjan is a period when Mumbai's coastal line is most polluted. Another thing I fail to understand...Spirituality, if without in tune with  Nature, is just not spiritual !

Many people and organisations have taken the initiative to spread drive home, among the literate masses of the magapolis. But majority are just 'too busy' to care ! ... at their ( our) own peril...

DNA's effort was great. Happened to catch a glimpse at Oberoi mall ( Goregaon)...As I & my son stepped out after a brief shopping, I took a snap and wrote a request to 'go green....'. I pray, we have the discrimination to protect our environment.

Ganesh Chaturti @ Mumbai

It was great to catch one big festival, during vacation...Missed Janmashtami, but Ganesh Chaturthi, in its full glory @ Mumbai. Mumbai & Pune are the two cities where we can see this festival celeberated in full splendor and grandeur. Of course, some credit goes to freedom leader, Tilak.

Mumbaikar knows how to celebrate...all the drums, dance and high-decibel levels. Torrential rains did not affect them at all.

Year after year, monsoon comes with varying intensity. This year was one of the best monsoons...With same regularity, our roads 'disappear among the potholes, with rain-water' ! This year, the patch work (repair!!!) was not done, before Ganesh festival. People were threatening to go to court, complaining the poor road conditions and how it will affect the logistics of Ganesha statues!!

Mumbaikar, who makes substantial contri to the national kitty, continue to be at the mercy of an admin, not bothered about the basic commuting comfort...

gulfnews : Organic farming only way to avoid debt

Very inspiring...!!

Must read for all who is concerned about debt-burden, condition of farmers in India ( even after 60 yrs of independence), organic farming, etc.

Pls share too

gulfnews : Organic farming only way to avoid debt

Friday, September 10, 2010


After continuous rains over last few days, got a sunny day ! Many a Mumbaikar celebrated an extended week-end by moving out with family. The traffic was bearable.

It has been almost continuously raining, day & night. While it is tough to move around during the day, even with an umbrella, not so during night. Rain drop falling on the window pane was not distracting at all. But I was disturbed when I thought of the plight of thousands of slum-dwellers in Mumbai. For them, at the end of a tough day, a rainy night could be tougher to manage. . . It is sad, we have so many of them struggling to meet both ends, while making valuable contribution to economy and quality of life of the rich and middle class segments of the society ! Affordable housing is so critical for this group, at the bottom of pyramid.

Traffic has been unbearable. The travelling time has gone up by three to four times, thanks to pathetic condition of roads, poor traffic sense/management  & infrastructure constraint to handle more vehicles! More malls and residential complexes are sprouting across the city, with total neglect on the need to provide sufficient & quality road-connectivity. All logic of urban planning thrown to winds...It is collective responsibility of common man and his leadership. Pls wake up...

Ganesha idol installed in our compound, with a grand procession & the group dispersed...

As I type the post, it just started drizzling...!

Avatar 3D

Avatar (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]Watched the 3D version of this great film, in a theater @ Mumbai, with my son. 

Great experience, inspiring storyline, relevant message, superb execution.... Nothing great about 3D, as few times we 'ducked' to avoid getting hit by a flying stuff. It talks about our insensitive aggression & complex/attitude... we continue to mindlessly destroy our environment.

Must see... children will love it... If elders don't love it, bad luck for them - you are not a child at heart any more!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cheeni Kum....Old Age

Cheeni Kum DVDWatched the second half of 'Chini Kam' ! Yet again, like Bhagban, was spared of the first half.... But nice film, good performance by all lead actors. 
While I am 'old fashioned' in terms of value system ( traditional may be more appropriate!), Amitabh's verbal-attack on a fasting Paresh, was interesting...
He gives interesting facets of 'being old' ! Amitji is the best person to talk about it... At his age, he must be the role model for all, in his generation.
He says,Jealousy is a key factor... But then, it is so at all age-groups, child-hood to old age :)

Got an interesting PPT mail-forward , AGING MOMENTS :

  • it is time for harvest . . . earlier it used to be believed, Law of Karma would catch up in subsequent births...But it is joked now, karma would catch up in this life itself! 
  • so long as we continue to be 'AMAZED', we do not grow old
  • we are never too old to LEARN....