Friday, May 29, 2009

Where heart surgery are done for free-Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences

Hats off to Rediff team for carrying this story.

I have seen the facility. It is truly world class in terms of facilities, but more than that truly divine( I can't think of a better term) in terms quality of Service. The service is extended without any expectation in return. The Service/Seva itself is the source of Joy !( as taught in Bhagwad Gita). A project of this magnitude, in a village, in interior AP, offering best in class treatment, is to be seen to be believed.
My mom has been part of the support-group (seva dal) who goes there on seva-to clean, help patients, pray, etc... etc.
Of course the service is never advertised, as it is seva! Is not word-of-mouth from satisfied 'customers' the best form of advertising ?
But, I was overwhelmed by the comments on rediff. Majority appreciate this selfless seva. Some have asked about the location/how to donate/demand same from our governments & business houses/etc. We all have a role to play to improve the lives of the needy around us, in our own small ways.

Let me conclude with the prayer, which is chanted at Puttaparthy at the end of all prayer-sessions, Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu

Thursday, May 28, 2009

India among best places to tide over economic crisis: Servcorp survey

According to the Servcorp International Business Confidence Survey India has been ranked as the third most promising country to survive the economic crisis. That is great news... the newly elected Indian parliament should derive some comfort from this. But then, the cabinet should take steps to achieve this ! TO ERADICATE POVERTY
The survey which was conducted in April 2009 over a period of two weeks, was commissioned to understand the current mood, business morale and impact the economic downturn has had on businesses around the world.
Australia has been voted as the best place to be during this recessionary times by international business people, followed by China. (Sadly, the racist attack Indian students is what comes to mind now ! We need to rise above this... )
The third position is held jointly by India and Singapore while Hong Kong and Canada are in the fifth and sixth place respectively.
Interestingly, developing nations have emerged favourites among international businessmen as places which are best placed to tide over the recession as 21 of the 36 countries listed by the Servcorp International Business Confidence Survey are emerging market economies.
As part of the survey, Servcorp asked 7,500 international business people from over 24 nations to identify which nations they believe are surviving the crisis best. That is an interesting opportunity for third world leaders to use this crisis to eradicate poverty and other social ills.

It is all question of Leadership, not just political & admin or at top level only, but across all walks of life and by one & all. Each one of us has a role to play

Sunday, May 24, 2009

IPL 2 Mega Final

Mega final is on... Bangalore Vs Hyderabad ! Wow, two great teams at IPL2. They deserve to be in the finals, just for the way they played their matches. A true re-surrection of sorts... redemption...
Kumble led from the front and picked up three key wickets of DC.
Gilly was not able to deliver, when it mattered, unlike his counterpart Kumble.
Dravid gave away his wicket, Kallis failed to deliver too.

Royal Bangalore is clearly the favourites even now. They should fight out and go for the win, with a clinical finish... I am enjoying it... commentary by Sunny, Shastri, et al. Expert commentary by AJ on Ndtv has been great. I watch cricket for its strategies, tactics and leadership.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Royal Challengers storm into final of IPL2

What a dramatic win !
It was a match between former captain of Indian (test) side Anil Kumble Vs current Indian captain (all forms of cricket), Dhoni. While Dhoni started off as one of the favourites of the tournament, Kumble's side was underdog to the core. But then he took over from KP, turned the team upside down and pulled off a series of dramatic wins. His captaincy stood out. He got some Indian youngsters to play at their best, got the best of Kallis, and last but not the least a dream-contri from Taylor. Of course, one of our best, Rahul Dravid was making his valuable contribution, without any fuss, as usual. If cricket is a gentleman's game, then it is thorough gentlemen such as Rahul, Anil, Sachin, VVS, etc make it so.
Apart from his captaincy, it was perhaps Taylors knocks that infused a new life into the team's morale and enthu. Indeed, we all love dogs, slumdogs and underdogs :)
I wonder, the owners of the team would gulp down couple of pegs and regret the past actions/utterances.
Tomorrow is a new is a match between two greats of contemperory cricket-Gilly and Anil. Let the better team win... but my heart and head is with Bangalore Challengers ( despite its owner!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Cabinet at Delhi .... Contd

Lalu continues to be upset. But he seems to have accepted defeat with dignity, at least a battle. Lalu needs to be retained for railways for sheer performance.
Left is in soul-searching mode. Making some confessions...
Mamata, with all her tantrums, may not be a dependable ally for long term.
Congress party should not allow the recent success go into their heads and ill-treat the old allies.
They may have won a battle, but congress should ensure they do not lose the WAR !
Congress should get the best to head the key portfolios.

IPL2 Semi Final Line Up

the semi final line up is confirmed now, almost.
chennai and delhi, were tournament favourites all along. no surprises here.
hyderabad and bangalore were the worst performers last year. they have scraped thru to the last four, almost. hyderabad put up a good show all along, in spite of few setbacks. they deserve to be in the last four.
bangalore does not miss their high profile, expensive acquisition, captain-KP. Kudos to Kumble, Kallis, Dravid, Taylor, et al. In spite of all the poor handling of the players by the owner, it is good to note bangalore is in semis. It is surprising and a concidence, the owners of delhi, chennai and hyderabad are not prominent bollywood biggies/industrialists. less pressure ??
is that one of the reasons Mumbai is out too ?
SRK, Shilpa, Preity can get back to their own bollywood and continue their valuable contributions.
Cricket may finally triumph, in spite of the prolonged schedule/cheerleaders/highprofile owners/poor handling of players/tough weather/new conditions....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Cabinet at Delhi

Congress party, UPA, Mrs Gandhi, Dr Singh, Rahul, all have their first test now in their hands - Selection of the Cabinet. All the voters who voted them, and pleasantly surprised them by giving them such a big mandate, will wait for the announcements.

With Karunanidhi and family camping at Delhi, on a day when Tamil Tigers lost their battle at Sri Lanka. What happened to all their crocodile tears? Do not touch Mayawati with even the proverbial pole. . No way, corrupt, incapable leaders given the mattle. We expect the UPA leadership to take a firm stand

The urban voters and young voters having voted them, they will not take anything less than the very best possible team.

The press has got into the guesswork. This will be easier for the channels and press than predicting the outcome of elections :)

Indeed... First Leadership challenge. . . for the core team of UPA. Some suggestions, though not sought!

  1. Give Pranabda a key post like external affairs. Sashi Tharoor as his deputy
  2. Finance ministry needs Montekh singh, commerce with Kamal nath
  3. Home should be with Chidambaram. He still need to deliver to the Mumbaikar, for 26 Nov.
  4. keep clean & non controversial AK Anthony on defense
  5. Lalu is humbled. But for sheer performance, keep railways with him.
  6. No chance agri for Sharad pawar. get a better leader for this most important post, who can touch the lives of millions of our farmers across the country ( we need a visionary of gandhian stature - afterall, india still lives in her villages)
  7. We need professionals to manage sectors such as power, telecom. No politicians here pls. We can not afford any more Sukhrams

To summarise, get qualifiied and committed young leaders also. No slot for corrupt politicians.

Is Dr Singh listening ?

Congress wins Indian elections

Hats off to Indian voter who made a JAI HO!! out of the Dance of Democracy.
Of course, all the predictions were proven wrong. All the psephologists and experts can re-visit their models ...
By not encouraging the petty leaders who seek only absolute power ( which corrupts absolutely!), the Indian voter exhibited a maturity not seen before.
Mayawati is numbed. Jayalalitha is humbled. Lallu, Paswan is silenced. Left is disseminated. Sharad Pawar, Modi have disappeared !
For God's sake, there were so many PM-aspirants !!!
Congress swept the urban constistuencies. I believe the vote was for Dr Singh and his government. It was also against all the divisive policies of other parties.
I have often written in my earlier postings, we get what we deserve, including our Leaders.
Now the ball is in the Congress (I)'s court. Dr Singh, Sonia, Rahul et al should now deliver. No excuses. We need our own stimulus package. For God's sake, do something about our pathetic infrastructure. Let us get our basics right. Apart from our infra, let us work on our poverty, children, education, and the true Indian Ethos & Values

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mumbai Indians on their way out of IPL 2

45th match of IPL2 was between MI and Raj Royals.
  • 4+5=9, is supposed to be an auspicious number, many Indians believe. But it turned to be luckier for Shilpa Shetty. She was seen on TV chanting mantras, while Nita Ambani was perhaps praying silently! God heard to Shilpa ?
  • Or was it another case of 'God helps those who help themselves' ?Warnie defied the physical pain and led from the front. His captaincy is a real inspiration ( though his quick sip of beer on the sidelines may not go down well with many of us, Indian fans)
  • Sachin put it rightly. They 'went into a panic-mode' towards the end of the game. If only he, Nayar, etc had stayed on and the tail-enders had better presence of mind !

I see MI on their way our of this edition too. Tom it is Chennai Vs Mumbai. Chennai seem to be clear favourites, and would be desperate to win after they were Bangalored in their last match.

PS : it was a pleasant surprise to see Guru Jaggu Vasudev at the venue of Delhi Vs Punjab!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bangalore Royal vs Chennai Super

Royal challengers won a good match, against one of the favourites, Chennai Super Kings.
Most of the matches are a fight between my heart Vs my head. Again, while heart wanted MSD team to win, head was with Kumble/Dravid/Kallis! Bangalore played better, and deserved to win, though their batting did not come really good. The difference perhaps was the quality of fielding. As for my favourites, Kumble played well and led from the front, Dravid did not impress. Hope Dravid really fires in other matches to come.

As for the next match, no heart vs head. Both are with amchi Mumbai-Indians. I have some wonderful friends in Rajasthan, and is a great part of India. Like Dravid, a big knock is due from Sachin.
While humble bloggers like myself have been moving on steadily, one 'fakeiplplayer-blog' has hit bigtime! I got on to the bandawagon of followers pretty late though! Shall track it. I had picked up the book, Zoya Factor by Anuja Chouhan for its cricket-related plot and from an ad-exe. While the cricket enthusiasts speculate about the identity, this 'fake' could be someone like 'Zoya"!

*PS : The politicians from these two states, Karnataka and TN are in the limelight, during the India Votes 2009. While Madam Jayalalita ( or Amma !) is tipped to be one of the Kingmakers, Deve Gowda/his son ( who tried to meet Sonia Gandhi clandestinely !!) are trying desperately to be in limelight !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mumbai indians

A great win for mumbai, clinical as one of the commentators rightly mentioned. Batting came good. Bowling was tight. But, fielding was brilliant. Jonty Rhodes must be proud of his team.
This morale boosting win should help them peak at the right time. They should strive to sustain this momentum. It is not going to be easy. They have some great talent. But they need to click as a team. Harbhajan seemed to be a bit aloof today. He did not seem to gel well today. All players need to rise above their personal issues and rise for the common goal.
Yuvi's comment last year was telecast on ndtv today !!! There are thousands of supporters all over supporting the team of Mumbaikars...
Regret to read about the new allegation sarrounding KKR, 'rascism'. KKR hit a new low...!

A great win for Bangalore team. Kumble and team played brilliantly. Taylor's effort was scintillating!

While the players must be reeling under the effect of fatigue, we viewers are feeling the fatigue too. IPL is just too long. Lalit Modi has to take into account the classic advise, brevity is the essence .... Thank God we have Indian elections also on idiot box :) JAI HO !

Friday, May 08, 2009

BBC Program by Mihir Bose

  • program caught the essence of Amchi Mumbai ! also, very colourful shots...
  • to get a share of bollywood was a good idea, being an integral part of Mumbai
  • got on board independent voices of Shobha De, Ms Sanyal...
  • Ms Sanyal and Deora (Jr) are the hopes of future India - young, educated, committed...category
  • indeed, infrastructure of Mumbai is a big let down by all governments/establishment- local, state and national. Mumbai contributes to a substantial part of India's direct tax collections. indeed the political leadership is the sole problem, not 'execution', two reasons highlighted by MBose
  • sadly, even mumbai indians, local team at IPL2 is putting up a pathetic show... an excellent proof of what Mihir said, 'inability of India's telented to collectively work for a common goal'
  • some of my mumbai friends opted out of voting just because there were no inspiring candidatea and, no option of 'NONE OF THE ABOVE, on the (electronic) voting machine.

Indeed, democracy is one of the strengths of India. but we need some strong leadership at all levels, in all walks of life.

Fussy, My pet dog

Some snaps... by popular demand (Nazar mat lagana)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Best Job in the World

Best Job in the World
Role : Caretaker of a tropical Australian island - dream assignment to swim, explore and relax on Hamilton island for six months, write a blog to promote the area.
Ben Southhall, 34 yr old Briton, has been selected out of nearly 35K applicants !
A charity worker, his love for adventure and other interests ( bungee jump, ostrich-riding, marathon-running, trekking, etc ) helped him.
He gets to live for free in a oceanfront villa.... COOL...... !!
Best wishes for Ben, in the new role. Let us hope, he comes back with a stronger resolve to do more charity and selfless service
PS:Happiness does not lie in doing what you like, but liking what you do-anonymous