Wednesday, October 31, 2007

vegatarian food

"One of the keys to happiness is bad memory" - Rita Mae Brown

But another way is to be physically healthy.
In 1988, I moved from a 'strict' non-vegetarian to a vegetarian. But I remain a small time 'foodie', primarily due to my very preferences. It gets difficult while travelling on work. Moreso, outside India. Yes, the options limited. But at the same time, food generally becomes less important in life, which I feel is good on a spiritual sense. It is important to ensure we eat the right food...

Hence, sharing what I found in Alva Carpenter's Slimline column:
Vegetarians should aim to eat:
5 servings of fruit and vegetables
6 servings of cereals and grains, e.g. rice, pasta, muffin, breakfast cereal
2 serving of legumes nuts and seed- good sources of protein e.g. chickpeas, kidney beans, tofu, quorn, lentils, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds
2-3 servings of milk and milk products or alternatives e.g. cow’s milk, soy milk, cheese, yoghurt
6-8 glasses of water

Friday, October 26, 2007

Indian Political Leaderhip

Men & Ideas - Dirty Hands by Gurcharan Das (TOI)

Mr Gurcharan Das, in his column, forcefully brings out the lack of integrity among our so-called leaders. Indeed, Bertrand Russell was right, 'politics' as the last option for a certain 'category' of people. The responsible voters in Karnataka should interospect: is this the kind of leadership they deserve. If Bangalore (not Bengaluru !!)is the Knowledge Capital of the country, do they want to be led by 'leaders' of this calibre ? We get what we deserve.

Manmohan Singh will be tested for his leadership in the nuclear deal issue... How he keeps India's interests ahead of all political matters and take forward with the conviction of a strong leader of a great country such as India.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spirituality in Daily Life

Thursday sessions are definitely elevating...

With the buzz around moon-Darshan, I was looking forward to today's session. While the talented singers raised their rendition to the next level, the budding singers also seemed to be at their best. Was it due to their preparations, or the higher level of spiritual-being of the gathering, or just His Grace ... ?

I kept looking for a clue of Sai's presence... after all, He has assured His presence, where His Glory is sung... Years ago He had playfully pulled me up for my 'doubts' ! Today, it is not the doubt, but a yearning to see & feel His presence... I kept looking at the seat of the Throne, at the garland...There was no 'evidence' visible to my eyes... But then, no complaint. After all, the Joy of the Journey is as wonderful as the joy of reaching the goal. Moon-darshan after the session, was beautiful too.... :)



I am surprised to see the new AXE TVC appearing in prominent channels such as NDTV. I appreciate it is their ( the company behind the brand) prerogative to decide the marketing idea. As a student of marketing, I feel it is a good idea, brilliantly executed... But, they need to be more selective in the selection of media vehicles. Defintely, we expect the TV channels to be more responsible

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dravid 'Dropped'

Did Dravid dig his one-day grave when he opted out of captaincy ? Was it sheer politics of Indian cricket ? Or is it beyond petty politics ? The world loves only winners. If not, at least fighters. Dravid is a great fighter, 'The Wall' a proof by itself. The world is still clueless why he quit. It would have been for valid reasons for sure. But, whatever the provocation of the selectors to drop him, I feel it has been unfair. Yet again, we fail in handling successful sportsmen of our country

MS Dhoni wants some trucks: While talking to NDTV, the leader Dhoni has asked for 14 volunteers who are prepared to stand in front of a truck... Bhaaji can help, as he belongs to a transporter family. Cool dude, Yuvi, can manage from his hometown. Else, there are many of us, who currently or earlier belonged to truck-transport fraternity in India, who could organise too... :) Wonder how would some of the senior players react to same ! Neverthless, Dhoni brings a fresh approach to cricket-leadership, similar to Dada... Best wishes to this new leader for success

Rahul Dravid dropped from ODI team : The former captain, one of most consistent cricketers of this generation, has been dropped. He has been replaced by a younger, dashing batsman. Is it beginning of the end of his one day career or will he bounce back like Dada ? Hats off to Sachin Tendulkar the way he has performed consistently.

I feel Sreesanth got more into drama and less into cricket !

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Picasso's "disturbing" genius !

16 Oct 08
It is almost a year since I posted the note on the 'disturbing genius' of Picasso. ( Time flies... !)
Glad to share some more insight into the genius.
  • Born in October 1881.
  • His first exhibit was at the age of 13
  • He was a modern artist. He paved the way for innovative and illustrative styles in painting
  • 'Inspiration exists, but it has to find YOU working'. . . let us convert our inspiration to hard work
  • But his last words were, "Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can't drink anymore" (this, not very inspiring :)! )
14 Oct 07
It is four days since this quote hit my mail box... Indeed, it 'hit' me ! Rarely a quote or a message remains in my mind for such a long time... Hence, felt like sharing. TRULY INSPIRING !

Robins Blog -- Disturb When I was in Barcelona (coolest city on Earth?) this summer I hung out at the Picasso museum. Adored the place. In one room I read a sign that said simply: "People were disturbed by his genius."

Makes me wonder - what must you do and how excellent must you become for people to be "disturbed by your genius." Why not devote to being so staggeringly great in your work that people are stunned / alarmed / taken aback. No, much better: awed.