Thursday, February 28, 2013


The letter ‘Gu’ in the word Guru signifies Gunatheetha - the one who has transcended the three qualities of Ignorance (Thamasik), Passion (Rajasik) and Virtuousness (Sathvik) and the letter ‘Ru’ signifies the one who is Roopa Varjitha (Beyond the Form). 

The Guru destroys illusion and sheds light, His Presence is ever cool and comforting. He comes to remind people that they have forgotten that they have lost the most precious part within themselves and yet are unaware of it! He is the Physician for curing the illness which brings about the repetitive suffering from birth to death. He is adept at the treatment needed for the cure. If you have not yet got such a Guru, Pray to the Lord Himself to show the way and He will most certainly come to your rescue! 

---- BABA
- Sai Inspires 1/3/13 Courtesy Radio Sai

Greatest of all fortunes, surely across all lives so far, to have the Lord as the Guru... Sadguru. Just Diving Grace... ! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

One with Sai - Music Program by Sri Anup Jalota

One With Sai - Music program by Sri Anup Jalota on 24th Feb at Brindavan saw an over-flowing Sai Ramesh Hall. 

Devotional music is a genre which is being perhaps overshadowed to some extend by some of the 'harder' variety of music !!
The Bhajan Samrat & his group seemed to be delighted by the huge turnout of devotional music lovers...He kept the audience enthralled with his Sai bhajans, Krishna-leela and Rama-stories. 

The devotees were then allowed to go inside for Trayee Darshan. For many of them, it was their first visit inside the compound!
As devotees lined up quietly to enter Trayee, many were overwhelmed with love & devotion for the Lord. As the program went on, most of us chose to be inside Trayee compound. It brought back divine memories...
After the program, as we stood silently at various points and allowed the devotees to glide by, we gratefully remembered the blissful moments with Swami. 

The program was telecast live by Sankara TV. I got messages from Mumbai & other centers, confirming same. I kept informing friends to tune-in to listen to the Bhajan Samrat, very fortunate to make an offering to His Divine Master and fellow-devotees...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hanumanji of Sai Rama

Greetings from Prashanthi Nilayam...

Yesterday while driving to PSN, was listening to devotional songs by Jagjit Singhji, the ghazal maestro. One of the songs mentioned 'Hanumanji as the ultimate devotee'.

Once at PSN, at the dinner table, we were discussing the lyrics thereof. When a question was asked : Who was/is the Hanuman ji of Sai Rama?

I was prompt to add, as there was no re-incarnation of the Chiranjeevi, perhaps there was none in this avtaar. I hastened to add though, there were several souls who were blessed with the opportunity to serve the Lord, almost like Hanuman ji.

Just received the post-script of the RadioSai interview with Sri K Chakravarthy. It just reminded me of the conversation yesterday & hence this post. 

Having seen Sri KC over all these years, surely he is one of them, Hanuman-like in Servitude. Earlier as Registrar and thereafter as Secretary and now as Trustee, he has been a true workaholic. He is one of most brilliant minds I have seen too. He was blessed to have God as his Boss ! How fortunate.... His wife, a loving 'aunty' for all students...


Monday, February 04, 2013

Employee Motivation | How to Really Praise Employees |

At work or at home, or beyond, we need to master the art of giving feedback.

Giving a general feedback, 'you are good, you are doing great job, keep it up, you are indispensable'..,   will have no impact. It could actually have a negative effect. The child/team-member may feel there is no need to try harder as he is already 'great'!

But when the feedback is on specifics, 'the particular act' makes you great/indispensable,  it works wonders. The recipient knows clearly what particular act makes him great. That sticks and is a motivator.

So the next time we give feedback, let us make it holistic and ensure it serves purpose... ENCHANTS the recipient!

Employee Motivation | How to Really Praise Employees |

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