Friday, July 22, 2011

Live SSpiritually - Checklist 1

I have been thinking what contributes to Live SSpiritually and vice-versa ! The opposite situation is 'flawed spirituality'!!

Daily Meditation is the most important aspect of living SSpiritually. Else we are not just 'living'.

If we are able to sit & meditate, we are at peace with ourselves and with the outside world.

If we are able to do it day after day, we have our priorities right. God comes first... and punctuality in 'sadhana' is the best example of getting our priorities in life right. ( An area I need to improve!)

If we are able to concentrate, we are on the spiritual path. Else, surely not... whatever the technique of meditation, if we are not able to concentrate, breathe rhythmically, sit for at least 20 minutes... we are yet to pick up the basics.

If we are able to meditate well, we are healthy. My fitness efforts are now directed, with prayers for grace, so that I can focus better on sadhana & meditation. Else, I find it difficult to focus. All the more reason to hit treadmill !

Lastly, once we go up the meditation curve, we will be able to retain that mental status for longer duration, through out the day, even while we are on our daily activities... That bestows peace !

Let us meditate !

PS : For previous posts on meditation, just 'google' meditation on this blog !

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Edited version!

I thought I should not pick up on specific brand, hence deleted the snap ! ( but the risk caused by junk food on health of self and environment remains :(

Picture deleted 
(Source -unknown)
Got this as one of the mail forwards...sharing one, out of over 20. I felt this very powerful message.

Had recently seen a friend 'Like' 1000th Pizza outlet in India, on Facebook ! I was shocked to note so many children and elders will be eating 'wrong' :(

I don't hate Pizza, my son loves it. But, what is important is to 'be aware'! We owe it to ourselves as we believe our physical body is the temple of God and it is our responsibility to take care... Let us be aware this is a critical part of parenting !

Let us EAT RIGHT....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What to do when the 'Guru drops dead'

Nice article...

Thanks for sharing thoughts....

We are lucky to be to have known Him & experienced His Divinity... His Grace.

No hard feelings for the so called rational critics... It is part of their journey.
( I have personally gone through same - having evolved from an ignorant, 'rational' youth/teenager myself!)
But as Sri Ramakrishna once said, 'the wonderful experience of journey is far more beautiful than the joy of reaching the destination' !

Personally, like millions of devotees, it is next leg of my spiritual journey - Swami to Sai

Friday, July 08, 2011

Hurry, Worry & Curry

We were with our doctor, last week end... for some nagging health problems.
If you analyse, the weather condition/limited physical movement/good quality of food products/etc ( overall 'lifestyle'), is the real cause  ! Even if we are conscious about these matters, there is always a difference in what we want to do & what we actually we do...

Looking around, I find so many people living with these irritants to their physical health... If so, how can you focus on meditation & sadhana ? Of course, over a period of time, one may get used to it. But still, I am obsessed with the thought physical health is a pre-requisite for mental wellness & spiritual activities...

Doctor quoted a phrase, which raised my good, old memories with Master. He said, 'Hurry, Worry & Curry' are the 3 main reasons for most of the health issues. So very true...

  • we do not manage time well. whether it is simple punctuality or bigger stuff. Or sheer procrastination. we tend to 'hurry up' at the last minute... 
  • we have so much to worry, as though by merely worrying the solution may manifest :) Also, problems at work/home/'back home', etc., for many add up. We often forget ultimately it is our response to the problem that matters, more than the problem itself!
  • curry,  rich, spicy & tasty, is  still a weakness. The fact we get every Indian stuff here easily makes it more addictive. Of course, affordability too...
  • If I can add, reduced physical movement and low on meditation perhaps add to the problem. 
With a little focus and minor tweaking, every thing is manageable. But, we postpone/avoid/just live with it...
Live SSpiritually... is what I suggest & will attempt myself !

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Few TVC on Indian channels... View from Desert ( Middle East)

UMEED se saje zindagi....Zee Tv : so well done. Children acted so well, good visuals. I hardly tune in to that channel, except their Arabic movie channel - that amusing mismatch of visual & Arabic Dialogues!! Arab-Colleagues here, who restrict their Bollywood exposure to such channels, think we are quite primitive in our film-making... Some do watch DVD with sub-titles... They know Amitabh as the angry-young man of tester years. Of course they do not know we have a RAJNIKANTH !!

Watched the ad on Ten Cricket. If this series is boring without Sachin & Sehwag, their own ad is offensive...the only good part is the punch-line..."Life is Cricket'...

But the Danube ad is below average on quality & sad with an interruption after every over !!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Wednesday Movie

" We are resilient by force, not by choice ".......

" we get used to too easily...."

" we are majboor... Busy with family ..." but we forget the world around us...

WEDNESDAY.... A movie.

Beautiful movie. Brilliant performance by Naseeruddin Shah & Anupam Kher. Also supporting cast like jimmy shergil, etc.

We blame police, govt, admn, establishment. But we don't take responsibility. We are responsible for the condition of world around us...

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Family is important....says Nadal

Interesting article...

In today's world, where people in all walks of life go after materialistic pursuits, here is a true champion.

We get so bogged down with our day to day life (& mara-mari), we miss out on the small luxuries of life !

Basic, good old value system is more relevant today....

BE inspired !

Friday, July 01, 2011

Fame Hungry Children in TRP Maze

Saw a report how 'fame-hungry children are driving the reality TV boom in India !!

  • fame hungry children ?? - surely not children, their parents are fame hungry
  • reality TV - if TV is bad, reality TV is sadly bad ! 

I remember the great actor, Kamal Hasan, once mentioning how he missed out on the joy of childhood, as he was an actor already! MJ is perhaps another example. Tiger Woods... ??

We should allow children to be what they are. Help them, facilitate their initiatives, allow them to dream & experiment, support them even if they fail.... A music teacher recently lamented how they are killing music through these programs. Children taste early success and most of them do not go  beyond that... No training or sadhakam.We may not get a Pt Jasraj or MS. S in future, courtesy Reality TV !!

This morning I read The Master's advise to mothers ( parents) : to mould character and give quality education (educare). 
Beyond that, we are depriving children of the joy of childhood.

Sadly, it is all TRP Game !!

* Fame-hungry children driving India's reality TV boom!!!