Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dr Srikanth Sola session @ SSSIHL

Sairam to all

Glad to share this link:

Thumb meditation was great. Simple, but very power technique to Live SSpiritually.

This is how Moral Classes should be held in our schools & colleges

PS : For more of Dr Sola's talks, check out Souljourns on Vimeo

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There is no greater example of Selfless love than Nature. - Baba

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Notes from PSN

Reached Parthi Saturday, late afternoon. Weather was a lot better this time, but only over-cast sky. 
  • But, it kept drizzling on Sunday. It was almost like being in Kodai !
Hills around the region are seeing some digging - seemingly to collect rain water & make it more green. Great initiative. The region is a lot greener that it used to be 20 years back. But, we all should collectively make it greener & cleaner ( lot of scope to clean up too, esp in the village, outside Ashram)

But, rains are still not enough. Lands have been ploughed. Farmers seem to be waiting for more rains, so that they can get on with their agri-related activities. Let us pray for more rains.... 
  • BTW, prayers have worked in Blore. City got torrential rains on Sunday !

Had a quick south-Indian-meals at Sai Towers
  • Like Masala Dosa, SI-Meals also deserve to be part of list top-10 food to eat, before you die !
Delayed lunch meant, late for dinner. So, took a soup & light food at Hanuman cafe.
  • These are two places serving devotees with hygeinic, delicious and reasonably-priced food. Like the ambience & service also.
  • Afterall we are at PSN not for food-for-body, but for nourishment of the soul.
Ran into a devotee from our region, who very kindly invited me to his place. Last year, around same time, all roads led to his flat - thanks to vibhuti materialisation at his place.
  • This year there was an encore of the Divine Grace ! Vibhuti was flowing out of photos, Swami-robe, et al !!!
  • But, this time around, devotees seem to be blissfully unaware of the miracle !
  • Sunday afternoon I went over, spent sometime silently praying at the flat. 
Bhajans at Parthi are very, very special. Nothing musically-comparable to that. With the weather so nice, ambience full of devotion.... truly Divine. 

Spent just one day at Parthi... but such a wonderful experience!

Love to all ! Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu!

Few images from Parthi:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bangalore finally get some showers

Reached Blore Wednesday-evening.
Was shocked to see the landscape - 'driest' ever !!
This garden-city would usually get summer-showers in May and it would be at its 'greenest' by July !

What have we done to this beautiful city ??!! Let us not shrug off our responsibility. We have converted the garden-city to a concrete city :(
Each one of us need to take responsibility for it. My love for the city... I looked up several times & actually prayed ... for showers..

Wondered, how many busy-Bangaloreans were actually taking few minutes to pray... Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Thursday evening... at the end of my assignment, when I stepped out into the open, I was delighted to see clouds forming... I prayed again... would have joined multitudes in & around Blore to pray for rains.

Blissful bhajans at B T... most nostalgic and very, very SSpiritual. At the end of the session, in the silent-sitting, I was disturbed by the noise outside. The sound of rains !!!!  Yes, it rained last evening. I joked to a friend, 'see, I have got some rains from amchi Mumbai' !!

The temperatures have dropped and it was good, old Blore. But, not clean & green, as it used to be.

But this evening, Friday, it rained again.
Rain-Gods are doing their bit.
Let us save our environment, re-discover the green Blore... Come on, Bangaloreans !

Sunday, July 08, 2012

One advice for lasting bliss

Swami has given so many simple, but very powerful messages. 

  • Love All, Serve All
  • Help Ever, Hurt Never
  • Hands that serve...
  • Power of Namasmaran
  • Importance of veda-chanting
  • 9 Point code
  • etc....

But, One great message we should inculcate, every moment..... Bliss guaranteed.

I shall tell you just one thing, which is the essence of all noble scriptures. I want you to resolve to follow this, every single day - “Do not seek to find fault in others. Give up maligning and injuring others in thought, word and deed. Do not scandalize anyone; do not feel envy or malice. Be always sweet in temperament; use soft and sweet words. Fill your conversations with devotion and humility.” Live in Love, for love, with love. Then the Lord, who is Himself Divine Love personified, will grant you all that you need, without you asking for anything. He knows. He is the Mother who does not wait to hear the moan of the child to feed it. He anticipates every need and rushes to you with help that you must have in every occasion 

 - Baba
Courtesy : RadioSai

Keep Singing, Folks

Singing helps reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, increases oxygen to your lungs and helps better posture.

Friday, July 06, 2012

My New Year Gift - A Reminder


You had a chance to accept my new year gift - a book reco  ?

Now, let me share one more reco of the same book

Don't miss the book. It could be one of the best you will ever read !

Happy Reading


Glad to see veggie is a fad now !

May this tribe grow & let us save the planet, animals and our own health - physical, mental & spiritual

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

God Particle & Guru Poornima

The world is going ga-ga over God Particle: 'Scientists 99.99% sure of having discovered Higgs boson particle'. 
0.001% still unsure :)

Incidentally this has happened just when Guru Poornima was celebrated world over. 

The world should be going after Sadguru or God, instead of God-particles !

How ? One of the ways.... to live by Sai-ideal: Live SSpiritually!

By moderating and modulating the habits of eating and drinking, one can lay the foundation for a spiritual life. You must prefer sathwik (pure and vegetarian) foods to rajasikfoods. By drinking intoxicating stuff, one loses control over one’s emotions, passions, impulses, instincts, speech and movements; and one even descends to the level of a beast. By eating flesh, one develops violent tendencies and animal diseases. The mind becomes more intractable when one indulges in rajasik food. It is difficult to remould the mind, if such food is consumed with relish. To dwell on God, one should be vigilant about the food and drink consumed by both - the body and the mind.
- Divine Discourse, Apr 19, 1965
Courtesy - Radio Sai