Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog to Publish

Dear all fellow-bloggers, would-be-authors!

I am sure many of us, at some point of time, dreamt of writing a book...becoming an author...Many of us are able to fulfil the dream, thanks to this option, Blogging !

Some of us are yet to get on to the bandwagon (blogging), content with tweets/FB, etc., while some are yet to transfer the thoughts on to the paper, before publishing.

For all bloggers, you have an option to publish your blogs. Check out....

Many of us, who may not be qualified to get an agent/publisher to fulfill our literary dreams ( publish) or just don't want to get in to that process, another option is SELF PUBLISHING.
Came across an interesting article...authors shake up traditional publishing with do-it-yourself ( WSJ)

I am a fan of  and the idea itself. Now such players are enabling budding authors to enter the publishing world, fearlessly. We mey be 'at the leading edge of a technological disruption...' WoW !!

Too much of anything is bad

I have a nagging feeling, I am spending too much time on my computer/phone... on the verge of becoming an E-DDICT! ( addicted to e-world)

Partly because of work. Personally, I am into a bit of blogging, gmail/ymail. Low on Facebook/Linked in/alumni portal. A passive presence on Twitter/Buzz. I am on linked-in for professional reasons, and on social NW sites just to be in touch with friends...Those were the days when we would actually write letters to friends...I used to write quite a few...

The impact of too much time on e-world may end up 'infanstalising the 21st century mind', says the article.Check out this link
Are we too switched on for our own good? ( check out this link)

How do we get out ? The author says, 'digital detox, fast ....imagine', etc.
Manage time better, consciously switch-off...I am tempted to add, Ssspiritual 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ADs, irresponsibly

Messi is all South Africa, though he is yet to perform to his best, yet...just like some other greats, incl Rooney. But Missi's KFC ad is quite all over  ( Check out at : Messi World Cup Ad)
While I am a great fan of Messi and his coach, Maradona, did not quite like him featuring in KFC ad. Nothing personally against KFC. But, being a converted veggie, not in favour either :)

Another ad featured seemingly no great player - but still McDonald was riding on the popularity of the game. To feature a kid, their target audience, was good marketing decision. But not healthy.

The pepsi ad featuring, Messi, Kaka, et al, is beautiful (Pepsi Ad| Oh Africa - Akon ). But afterall a Pepsi-ad. 

My thought: the sporting greats should be more selective in accepting endorsements ? Something more healthy, more wholesome and Local-Organic...Pls GO GREEN!

An entire generation, across the world, is growing up on Pepsi/Mc/KFC et al. Add to that, less physically active.  Not a bright prospect :(

Friday, June 18, 2010

Loving Tribute to my dad

I am usually critical to all these fundas of 'days', which is more western influence...Valentine day, father/mother day, etc.
But, in this fast-paced life, it is good to remember, with love and gratitude, our parents, teachers, at times... Of course, need to be Ssspiritually conscious of God, always!

I plan to write a book on my relationship with my dad. As a child, he was terror. As I grew up, he was more approachable. Once I hit teens, he became a friend. The respectful distance always remained between us, but we were close in a way we would not exhibit. Me as a youngster, and himself as a career-faugi!

I have learnt so many things from him...and try to emulate him.

  • family- first. He made it a point to be in contact with all relatives/siblings, friends,etc, but his family came first. 
  • compassion - for people around him, not just family, but beyond
  • discipline, time management, etc -being career-fauji, it came naturally to him. 
  • passion for fitness 
  • he inspired me to stay away from alcohol, as he was a tea-totaller, in spite of being in army & CSD...Seeing his addiction to smoking, I resolved to stay away from cigarettes. 
  • his style of parenting was not by preaching, but by practise and setting example ( something I 'try' with my son!)
  • reading habit -my passion for letters and blogging, is something rubbed off from him.

 He is no more...we miss him. But he lives in our lives....

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Now an e-magazine for Indian writing in English - Thiru'puram - City - The Times of India

This is very interesting.... finally, something that may be truly representative of Indian-writing.... beyond some of the more prominent, but not truly 'representative' and less flamboyant!

Now an e-magazine for Indian writing in English - Thiru'puram - City - The Times of India

Monday, June 07, 2010

Bhopal Gas Tragedy - Toooo little.... just toooooooo late

The verdict has made a mockery of our legal system. We just don't value human lives... :(   The system has failed not only those who were affected by the tragedy, but the world. The government got to wake up and do something at least now.

NDTV was right in asking.. if this had happened in America ??

Incidentally, America is struggling to come to grip with the another man-made disaster - the oil spill. It is said even natural disasters affect the popularity rating of leaders and governments. This spill and inaction thereof, is suicidal. But, you can count on the President of USA and others in his establishment failing to live up to this challenge.

Thomas L Friedman rightly commented, oil spill is a defining moment for the US ! 

Even the most powerful on earth can fool Nature... Nature invariably hits back - it is our choice to term it mere action-reaction or Malthusian effect or Doctrine of Karma.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Kapil Dev in Riyadh

Annual day celebrations at a school reminds us of our own school days...esp if we were active in the extra-cultural activities like drama, music, et al. Similar is a feeling when annual day function is held at the school of our children, when they have to juggle between studies/tests and practice. ( At least our school days were less stressful). The excitement among all children and us, parents, hit a new high when the news of this year's chief guest was confirmed. Kapil Dev, one & only...! Memories took me to my school/college days..!
Kapil became a popular cricketer when he started playing for India. Those days, The Hindu, Sportstar, Sportsweek, etc were the source of all news and analysis. He became an icon when his brilliance, both as a player/all-rounder and captain, enabled India lift Prudential Cup. The brilliant match-winning knock against Zimbabwe ( ironically, we are out of tri-series courtesy them!)... The brilliant dismissal of Viv Richards in final...He is one great player, who has given as much back to the game... very few have made such a difference!

A caricature of him, with the cup, was the sole picture on my room-wall for a very long time, as I struggled with my maths, physics earlier and then commerce! He was not from a metro, did not speak fluent english, was not flamboyant... many of us could identify with him. He inspired a few generations of professionals and achievers,not few fast & medium pacers!

As I walked, or limped thanks to a sprain to the venue at school, I thought... Kapil was fit throughout his playing career.

We were seated,eagerly waiting for him. He walked in, to a roaring reception of a packed house...So many of us were overwhelmed by his sheer presence. The tall, dark and handsome, also fit even now, Kapil revived memories of our own school/college days, when we were TDH&Fit ( certainly not now, at least most of us parents in the audience!)

He sat through the program encouraging the students and staff. We were just happy to be in his inspiring company.Kapil gave a short, but a very inspiring speech:

Most of us (NRI's) would have gone through similar struggles in our early lives, just as Kapil did. But all differences end there. Kapil worked very, very hard and reached the pinnacle. We were not as focussed, committed! If Kapil could reach the top, each one of us could have reached, in our respective fields too... A little more goal-orientation, hard-work, sincerity, prayers.... would have helped!
One key difference was he could pursue his passion and many of us could not, as we did not have the financial security or our parents would not risk ( not to blame our folks, as we would have perhaps done same if we were in our parents' shoes)
But, our children are better off. Their parents have some amount of financial security. Many of them will be encouraged and supported to pursue their dreams. But, how many children will reach the top ? How many of them will identify a passion, work very hard, keep up the focus and will reach the top, maintaining impeccable value-system....!? Like a Kapil, Sachin, Vishy Anand, Dr Kalaam, Nrn Murthy, Pt Jasraj...real Indian icons...

Even if a few students reach such levels of Total Greatness, Kapil would be the happiest for his humble contribution( inspiration). Their alma mater will be proud. Their teachers will be happiest. Parents would have done their duty. May God bless and guide our beloved children...
A big thanks to DPS...
Thank you, Kapil Dev!