Thursday, March 29, 2012

Conversation with Masters

Dr Wayne Dyer's inpiring talk ... must listen

He speaks about the importance of positive thoughts, work on the goal of self realization, importance of water....

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What difference a boss/teacher can make

Came across this interesting write-up on what difference a boss can make...  but as I read, felt is was more applicable to a teacher.

We all owe a lot to some special teachers in our lives, who helped us at different points of time. They came to us at school, college & beyond.

History was certainly not one of my favourite subjects - I was not lucky to be referred some "interesting" books either. Shall surely check out the two books author mentioned, The Killer Angels and Paul Fussell's The Great War and Modern Memory

I have some voracious readers among my friends - some of us have become less voracious readers too :) Let us not miss out on the wonderful world of books! 

More inspiring part was what we can do to achieve a level of inspiring personal leadersip!

Check out this link :

Of course, I am not mentioning here about the Sadguru in our lives at all.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar's 100th Ton

Sachin has completed the formality, of scoring his 100th ton, finally !

Friday in the Middle East, with budget-analysis on NDTV & Sachin's batting.. what a way to spend the week end! Especially, with the impact of the dust-storm still visible ! 
If the Union Budget was quite lacklusture, thankfully the Master blasted his ton. 

More than him, his fans ( yours truly included) would be relieved. 
Many of us felt he should have retired at 99 tons or after the world cup win, more like Bradman with his test-average of <100. 
Thankfully, he stayed on to score his ton. 

He got into a bit of tension once he reached 80's. He looked very emotional once he crossed the milestone. 

That shows he was afterall a human being. I always liked that aspect of the Master. 'Being Humane' ! 
His attitude, work-ethic, simplicity etc makes him more popular among his fans, along with his cricketing skills, & records!

Agree with Sunny Gavaskar - we are fortunate ....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taare Zameen Par

Had written a post after watching 3 Idiots!! Movie ! Felt very good... Had liked the book by Chetan Bhagat immensely too.

Watching the second half of 'Taare Zameen Par'. Kudos to Amir Khan, for making such a great movie.

Painting competetion now on @ amphitheater !

Drawing & painting remain areas where I just could not exhibit any telent at all.... But remains 'jack of all, master of one' ! But I think parenting remains an art very close to my heart.

Hope all parents & all elders watch this superb movie & be better human beings, identify Divinity in every child

God Bless

PS : Recently a close friend shared an opportunity 'to make a difference'. It was to support the musical talent of two boys, from economically poor background. My first thought was, I must confess, 'should we not support the basic necessities, rather than support their extra-curricular aspirations?', though I remain an eternally aspiring to become a singer !!

Then, I realised, 'who am I to judge?' I shared with few of my friends, who were inclined towards music, et al, who may be keen to take up this (cheque-book) philanthrophy opportunity :)

One of them came forward & picked up the entire opportunity ! But the thought remained, 'should we not support the roti/kapada/makaan/education & health of the needy children?'

Watching the painting competetion in 'Tare Zameer Par', I realised : For a child who loves painting, colors & canvass are more important than anything else. Similarly, for these two boys who are musically inclined, 'sapta-swaras' (7 notes of music) are more important than anything else.

Afterall, The Lord is GANA-PRIYA!

Indeed, 'The world is still waiting for my SSpiritual intelligence to grow' !!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book Reco

Just back from a short trip to India.
Short trip, but SSpiritually re-charged, big-time !! :)  ....As always.

Let me share one of the best take-aways from the trip - the latest best seller at all leading book stores.

I was recommended by a friend. But could not get it, 'sold out' was the smiling response at book stores!
Divine Grace, I managed to get it through a friend, who travelled from Mumbai.
If you have enjoyed An Autobiography of a Yogi by Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, then it seems, you will love this. ( That is one book I have read more than once!) Even otherwise, this is a must read.

The book - APPRENTICED TO A HIMALAYAN MASTER - A Yogi's Autobiography. By Sri M

I am 'recommending' even before I have read. But it was reco by a friend whom I trust. Moreover, 'it is moving like hot-cake'. Grab a copy & read...

PS : The image on back-cover of the book is similar to the photo on this blog appearing today....12 Mar 12! That also prompted me to share this piece of info.

Discipline in Meditation

'Resolve to master the senses through meditation and follow it steadily, systematically and regularly, at a stated time and place, without changing them as the whim takes you.... Baba '

Courtesy - - Sai Inspire for the day (12 Mar 12) from RadioSai

An inspiring quote on meditation... But sharing, because of the stress on following 'steadily, systematically & regularly, at a stated time & place...'
I have received this thought from multiple sources in the recent past. It seems, when we stick to a strict & specific schedule, 'GOD will be waiting for the devotee'! 

Surprised?! Not at all. That is Divine Love & Grace. 

Worth testing !