Sunday, September 22, 2013

ONE With SAI at Brindavan

Prashanthi Nilayam witnessed this evening a well rendered Hindustani classical Music programme, " Tansen Samaroh" . This offering was made by the Students & Staff of Mirpuri College of Music, Prasanthi Nilayam.

At Brindavan, Bangalore, it was a Carnatic-musical offering by Sri ‘Mandolin’ U Srinivas and group.

--  Weather was just ideal for the program at Sai Ramesh Hall. Clear sky and cool breeze indicated Nature was ready for a special edition of One With Sai.

-- This monthly event, completed two years now, it was shared as part of intro. A proof of Divine Grace.

-- Sri U Srinivas (US) is perhaps soft-spoken by nature. Wizards like him do not need to talk, as their work speaks for itself. This great musician helped us re-discover the instrument, Mandolin.  His name is now associated with the instrument, such is his greatness. (a la 'xerox' for photocopy!)

-- Today, when he spoke very briefly, in between the music, the narration was short and sweet. He started off saying, his music was all Divine Grace. Swami’s vidya alone. 

-- He gets nervous ahead of every performance, he shared. Is that not another sign of greatness?

1. He started off with ‘Vathapi Ganapathi’ in Hamsadhwani raga. A popular song, the hall was alive to this invocation of Lord Ganesha.

2. The second piece was Siddhinchina, a Thyagaraja keertana. Sri US mentioned how Swami would sing the song very fast, of course maintaining all elements of music ! ‘Music is Divinity’ after all !

3. Sree Rama Padam was the next.

4. Before starting the next offering, Ninnu vina, a Thyagaraja keerthana, Sri US mentioned that was one of Bhagwan’s ‘favourite’ songs.

Also, Sri US shared how once Swami asked him to increase the tempo, mid-way. He could never forget it, he added !!

5.  Saamaja, in Hindola raga, was the next offering. Sri US shared how Swami once advised them to make sure the music reached one & all, a farmer or pandit, all should enjoy – that was real music.

6. Raghu vamsa sudha, Purandaradasa’s Venkita Chalapathi, were the next two songs.

7. Thereafter, two beautiful bhajans, Arunachala Siva and Hara Hara Mahadeva…

He reiterated they would never end any program without couple of bhajans. He also added he and his family entirely owed everything to Bhagwan’s Grace alone. (in Tamil, he said, Swami's 'bhiksha'!)

Daya Sagara was the next song and the compassionate Lord blessed when the garland fell from the Statue of Lord Krishna. (photo attached). Yet another proof of Divine Grace, which a monkey mind keeps looking for !

The program concluded with Bhasma bhooshitanga Sai….

There are different ways to spend a Sunday evening. Moreso for people who live from 'week-end to week-end' ! This was one of the best ways. The music lovers got veritable a treat.

The five great musicians on stage thoroughly enjoyed a disciplined and knowledgeable audience. They got a huge applause, which continued for few minutes at the end and also during the session. Sri US took the audience to a different world and were ‘One With Sai’ during the entire session.

Samastha Lokah Sukhono Bhavanthu…

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So-HAM to OM

Sparks From The Divine Anvil


Sathya Sai Baba transcends the laws of science…

Thriving business | Frontline

We attract what we want in life, including fake or real gurus. 

A person may appear to be good or bad, for different people. It is based on their perception, judgment and own energy levels. 

As such, someone may appear to be a Master for a follower, but a fake-guru for the so-called rationalist. It is what one decides to interpret and invite...

Even if I go to a Master, it is my personal choice what I want to get from the Master. Also, I am responsible for my children, at least till they are matured enough, when they become adults.

So-called celebrities and politicians may be going in search of Masters due to the inherent vacuum within themselves, chasing power, money and all such materialistic pleasures.

Here is what an accomplished scientist had to say about His Master

Reaction to the article on Thriving Business
Thriving business | Frontline