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President visits Sai Baba's 'Mahasamadhi' | Business Standard

Prez visits Prashanthi Nilayam, would have been more appropriate?!

The spiritually ignorant (unconditional love to them) would have seen the visit to Maha Samadhi, but hope the hon'ble Prez was able to 'go beyond the physical Maha Samadhi'. 
For Baba is in and all around His MahaSamadhi. If Prez could connect with that Universal Spirit of Baba, of which we all are part of, he is blessed. Wonder, when accompanied by all security and other paraphernalia that goes with such senior dignitaries, can they actually 'switch off' and focus inwards ? Perhaps Pranabda is capable of doing it. 

Hope he had a glimpse of all the wonderful work is happening in the areas of Educare, Medicare & Sociocare. For, a senior statesman of international stature, he can inspire more such projects in India and abroad. 

The report also says, "After landing at Puttapathi, they flew to Anantapur in helicopters. They returned to Hyderabad by the same route." :)

Sai Bless Pranabda. 

President visits Sai Baba's 'Mahasamadhi' | Business Standard

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Sangita Kalanidhi Award to Mrs Sudha Ranganathan

Very inspiring article about a great musician, Mrs. Sudha Ranganathan. 

Sudhaji's hard work, dedication, and commitment to the art are well brought out in the article.
It starts off with Pt. Jasraj ji's compliment. 

- Mother's dream, and efforts to translate dream to action
- Father's support (non-interference, initially!)
- Guru's Guidance - Sudhaji was blessed to get a guru of MLV's stature. The guru insisted on meeting the groom of Sudhaji and extracted his commitment to support her ward's journey! Gurukul parampara. 
- God's Blessings. The concluding para almost brought tears into my eyes. *

Her musical journey is a beautiful example of the saying, 'mata, pita, guru, daivom' or 'matru devobhava.....'.

You can also argue how 'Nature conspires...' as Paul Coelho would put it. 

"Talent is not God's gift, Talent is God" - I have heard great musicians like U Srinivas ji, Anup Jalota ji and Students of Sri Sathya Sai Baba saying this. 

Beautiful story and inspiring stuff. Thanks to The Hindu. 

* “I have talked about the role of my mother, father and guru. In the final reckoning they are all different manifestations of God, Sai Baba, as I recognise him. It was He who named me Sudha. I sat on His lap as a child and twirled His hair in innocent frolic. He did my aksharabhyasam, my formal initiation into the world of education. The first song that I sang was a Sai Bhajan…”

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Supreme Self

have a bliSSful Thursday ! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

One with Sai @ Brindavan _ October 2013 edition

Uyyala loguma... Sri Sathya Sai.... Ananda Daayi... that was fitting finale to a truly bliSSful evening. 
The song remained with me well into the evening. I got home & googled the song to get few beautiful renditions by others..... *

As I stepped out of Sai Ramesh Hall, I picked up the prasad 'package' - laddu and Swami's Photo. 
- Laddus always most welcome... :)
- Photo... felt blessed, Swami's both Hands raised in 'abhaya-hasta'. 
  • I presumed (how often we jump to conclusions) it was 2014 calendar, on the other side. But I was more than pleasantly surprised to find Sai Gayatri and Gayatri Mantra printed on the reverse. It was a gentle reminder from Swami to keep focus on Gayatri-chanting, I have been trying these days. He is guiding..
  • Then the quote under the photo really hit me... 'IMMORTALITY IS THE FRUIT OF SACRIFICE' ( all in bold, caps!) That was a response to a query I was carrying during the day, on my professional front. He is guiding... 

Two students of Bhagwan, from Anantpur campus, helped us spent the evening, '(One) with Sai'!

The evening got off to a divine start with veda recitation. Then the group took the stage. 
- They started off with a Ganesh sthuthi and then, a Guru song. 
- Maa by Jagjit Singh was then the next one. A beautiful devotional-song by the ghazal maestro was brilliantly sung by the duo.
- Janani maa is one of the popular bhajans at PSN campus, thanks to some great student-singers. Sri Hariharan, also a ghazal maestro, sang it in front of Bhagwan and the DVD is very popular. 
- The next song's alaap was brilliant, and the song too...
- Madhava Murali and Vittala bhajans got the entire audience to sing along, with wonderful support from the audience
- Mujh ko tera sahara chahiye was a prayer from every one of us. 
- The English song, You are the Lord of my heart and soul was delivered with great finesse. 
- Then, the masterpiece... Uyyala loguma Sri Sathya Sai...

The sisters sang in multiple languages (hindi, bengali or oriya, tamil, telugu, english, etc). It was pure devotional singling. No introduction (or gyaan!), except two sentences during the entire program. ('God is nearest of near, dearest of dear'... Wow!)

The singers, Vidya and Satya, and the group gave the program of highest quality. They were fortunate to be blessed with the opportunity to sing for Bhagwan. We were doubly blessed to listen to a beautiful musical offering... 

At the cost of repetetion, Music is God


Check out updates on the program @ Loguma Sri Sathya Sai

Friday, October 25, 2013

Avtar Declaration Day at Prashanthi Nilayam on 20 Oct 2014

Check out the video recording of Avtar Declaration Day at Prashanthi Nilayam, 20 Oct 2013. 

Must Watch...

A beautiful bouquet of offering, compilation of Swami's video, talks and music. Bhagwan's chosen students taking turns to share stories. 

Even at a young age, Swami displayed 'Ceiling on Desires', brought out in the golden-pin He was gifted. His message... His Life.

Purpose of life? 'To go back to the origin', Says Swami. With a beautiful 'Chinna Katha' 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Equipment Inaugurated at SSSIHMS Prasanthigram

Prashantinilayam, 14th October 2013
A New Magnetic Resonating system (MRI) was inaugurated at the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at Prashantigram today.
Procured at a cost of Rs 5.5 Crores, this high-end 1.5 tesla strength, 32 channels MRI system is one of the most advanced systems currently available in the world. This will facilitate complex imaging examinations required by the patients can now be easily performed on this system.
PS: Needless to add, this equipment, like the entire medical facility (Super Specialty hospital and General Hospital) at Puttaparthi will extend genuine, free and loving MEDICARE to the poor & needy.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sai Trinity

Tripura Rahasyam

Dassera at Puttaparthi 1

Greetings from Puttaparthi. Delighted to be here for Dassera. With Divine Mother. 

I have always enjoyed the festivals in Prashanthi Nilayam. The core of all celebration is simplicity and spirituality. 

The drive to Parthi was great, last evening. Glad to spot buses, public and private, trucks/trailers and other vehicles, along the way. This part of AP limping back to normalcy?! 

Weather is beautiful. 

Prayers are with people and birds/animals in Coastal AP & Orissa. Prayers can move mountains, minimise impact of cyclone.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

ONE With SAI at Brindavan

Prashanthi Nilayam witnessed this evening a well rendered Hindustani classical Music programme, " Tansen Samaroh" . This offering was made by the Students & Staff of Mirpuri College of Music, Prasanthi Nilayam.

At Brindavan, Bangalore, it was a Carnatic-musical offering by Sri ‘Mandolin’ U Srinivas and group.

--  Weather was just ideal for the program at Sai Ramesh Hall. Clear sky and cool breeze indicated Nature was ready for a special edition of One With Sai.

-- This monthly event, completed two years now, it was shared as part of intro. A proof of Divine Grace.

-- Sri U Srinivas (US) is perhaps soft-spoken by nature. Wizards like him do not need to talk, as their work speaks for itself. This great musician helped us re-discover the instrument, Mandolin.  His name is now associated with the instrument, such is his greatness. (a la 'xerox' for photocopy!)

-- Today, when he spoke very briefly, in between the music, the narration was short and sweet. He started off saying, his music was all Divine Grace. Swami’s vidya alone. 

-- He gets nervous ahead of every performance, he shared. Is that not another sign of greatness?

1. He started off with ‘Vathapi Ganapathi’ in Hamsadhwani raga. A popular song, the hall was alive to this invocation of Lord Ganesha.

2. The second piece was Siddhinchina, a Thyagaraja keertana. Sri US mentioned how Swami would sing the song very fast, of course maintaining all elements of music ! ‘Music is Divinity’ after all !

3. Sree Rama Padam was the next.

4. Before starting the next offering, Ninnu vina, a Thyagaraja keerthana, Sri US mentioned that was one of Bhagwan’s ‘favourite’ songs.

Also, Sri US shared how once Swami asked him to increase the tempo, mid-way. He could never forget it, he added !!

5.  Saamaja, in Hindola raga, was the next offering. Sri US shared how Swami once advised them to make sure the music reached one & all, a farmer or pandit, all should enjoy – that was real music.

6. Raghu vamsa sudha, Purandaradasa’s Venkita Chalapathi, were the next two songs.

7. Thereafter, two beautiful bhajans, Arunachala Siva and Hara Hara Mahadeva…

He reiterated they would never end any program without couple of bhajans. He also added he and his family entirely owed everything to Bhagwan’s Grace alone. (in Tamil, he said, Swami's 'bhiksha'!)

Daya Sagara was the next song and the compassionate Lord blessed when the garland fell from the Statue of Lord Krishna. (photo attached). Yet another proof of Divine Grace, which a monkey mind keeps looking for !

The program concluded with Bhasma bhooshitanga Sai….

There are different ways to spend a Sunday evening. Moreso for people who live from 'week-end to week-end' ! This was one of the best ways. The music lovers got veritable a treat.

The five great musicians on stage thoroughly enjoyed a disciplined and knowledgeable audience. They got a huge applause, which continued for few minutes at the end and also during the session. Sri US took the audience to a different world and were ‘One With Sai’ during the entire session.

Samastha Lokah Sukhono Bhavanthu…

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So-HAM to OM

Sparks From The Divine Anvil


Sathya Sai Baba transcends the laws of science…

Thriving business | Frontline

We attract what we want in life, including fake or real gurus. 

A person may appear to be good or bad, for different people. It is based on their perception, judgment and own energy levels. 

As such, someone may appear to be a Master for a follower, but a fake-guru for the so-called rationalist. It is what one decides to interpret and invite...

Even if I go to a Master, it is my personal choice what I want to get from the Master. Also, I am responsible for my children, at least till they are matured enough, when they become adults.

So-called celebrities and politicians may be going in search of Masters due to the inherent vacuum within themselves, chasing power, money and all such materialistic pleasures.

Here is what an accomplished scientist had to say about His Master

Reaction to the article on Thriving Business
Thriving business | Frontline

Friday, August 30, 2013

How Old Are You ?

An old grandfather of seventy was asked by his seven-year old grandchild, "Grandpa! How old are you?" and the old man replied, "Two!" The child was struck with wonder and looked a picture of doubt. The old man replied, "I have spent only the last two years in the company of the Lord, until then I was plunged in the marshland of pleasure seeking." 

Only the years that you have lived with the Lord have to be counted as life, the rest are not worth counting. 

Know that all this wealth, property and fame are but for a fleeting moment. Develop attachment for the Lord, who will be with you wherever you go.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Divine Discourse, Oct 10, 1964.)

Courtesy - radiosai


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seeking philosophers - Livemint

Wow, we may actually have some philosophers working at state govt's animal husbandry & fisheries dept!! Poor animal/fish!!
Unfortunately, the purpose of education (at least in majority of institutions, students) is just securing a job. Let us not blame it on colonial hang-over...
Over the last one week, I had opportunity to listen to two exceptional speakers... both spoke of Indigo children. Perhaps, when they grow up, we will have more genuine philosophers.
As for the purpose of education, it is surely 'Character', at a holistic level. There are educational institutions working on such ideals too.
Thanks Anurag, for raising these questions. IF more people like yourselves seek philosophers, the candidates & their institutions will catch up...
Seeking philosophers - Livemint

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Once a buffalo fell into a slushy tank accidentally and it could not come out inspite of its best efforts. As it was trying to pull out one leg another leg was going deeper into the slush. The buffalo was struggling hard to come out.

People who were passing by did not help the animal due to the fear that they themselves may get stuck in that mud. Some mischievous children were watching and enjoying the struggle of the animal.

A saint with a weak body, who happened to come there immediately jumped into the slush to pull the animal out. People around were jeering at him saying how could this man with his fragile body pull out that big animal! The saint did not care for their words. Praying to the Lord to give him strength, he brought the animal out with great difficulty.

The mischievous children in a derogatory manner said, “Oh! What a service you have done! We could have enjoyed the show for some more time if you had not interfered.”

The saint said, “I did not do any service to the buffalo. I saved the animal only to get rid of my pain. I could not bear my own agony seeing the buffalo struggling. Now I am free from that suffering.” So saying he went away.

Points to Ponder:
  • we presume we are on the outside the 'slushy-tank'. Are we sure, if we are in or out of the tank ?  
  • some did not rescue the animal out of the fear of getting stuck, whereas some others were having fun watching. (what would be our typical reaction? Not just in this type of situation, but when we see another person/bird/animal in agony & when we have a choice to help!) 
  • Any service/seva we do, it is never to help others, but to help ourselves, always...
When was the last time we got into such a situation & what was our reaction?  what is our #Empathy Quotient?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A tiger, A Hunter, A Bear And A Fear

Once in a forest, a hunter, on being chased by a tiger, felt tired and climbed up a tree. There was a bear sitting on the top of the tree. The tiger was waiting under the tree as it could not climb up. It was
very hungry, so it wanted to gobble up the hunter. It requested the bear to push the hunter down, so that it could kill him and appease its hunger. The bear refused to do so, saying that the hunter was its
guest and it was its moral duty to extend hospitality to guests. But, the tiger continued to wait under the tree.

After some time, the bear started to doze. Noticing this, the tiger addressed the hunter, "O
man, I am very hungry. It does not matter whether I eat you or the bear. I will go back once my hunger is satiated. The bear is dozing. So, push it down without delay. I will eat it and spare you." The man did not have the morality of even the bear. He thought he could escape from the clutches of the tiger by offering the bear as bait. So, he committed the ungrateful act of pushing the bear down. As luck would have it, the bear, as it was falling, caught hold of a branch, climbed up and saved itself from the tiger.

Then the tiger said, "O bear, you should never believe the human beings. This hunter tried to harm you, though you were kind enough to give him shelter and protect him. So, without further delay, push the ungrateful wretch down, I shall devour him".

But the bear said, "I have done my duty. Each one has to face the consequences of his own actions. I will not harm him just because he tried to harm me."  - BABA

--- --- ---
Points to Ponder:
  • Animals attack, kill or eat only when hungry. Tiger has no specific preference for the meat of man or bear. (can we claim to be so ? How addicted we are to taste, over health & well-being?)
  • Do we really treat guest as per 'Athithi Devo Bhava' ( guest is like God) ?
  • Can we think of situations when we deviated from morality, used bait and was ungrategul... all by choice ? Not just at work, but also outside...
  • How trustworthy are we, human beings... crown of all creations ?
  • Can we resist our tendency to 'give it back' to anyone who harm us ? Can we just stick to our duty and leave the consequences our of our area of focus ? Whether we believe in Doctrine or Karma/Newton's 3rd Law, or not ?
A powerful chinna katha from Bhagwan. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Samarpan @ Brindavan with Phyllis Krystal

From Ted Henry & Jody Cleary
Phyllis Krystal is looking at turning 100 years of age with great wisdom, love and equanimity. In perhaps her most important Souljourns interview, Phyllis talks about how Holy Man Sri Sathya Sai Baba, for the first time is allowing her to speak about her love for Baba and about her important personal training work, both at the very same time..
As you'll see Phyllis offers up a lot of straight talk about the difficulties people face as a direct result of their own karma. Even if you've heard her speak before, this interview at age 99 becomes a must for all serious spiritual aspirants.


Friday, August 09, 2013

Samarpan at Brindavan with Phyllis Krystal 3


  Phyllis stress on the need to practice Swami’s teachings, even if just one teaching, to achieve enlightenment.

For many years she kept her work and Bhagwan’s message separate meticulously. But now Baba is allowing her to talk about both, continuing to guide constantly. 

For a shy and reluctant speaker, Baba has guided her to lead seminars and give talks, in different parts of world. Now at 99, she says, ‘As long as Baba wants to use me as His instrument, it is okay’. 

She is a beautiful example how we can live every moment in Sai...being a divine instrument. A la 'flute'....

Become like the flute, a hollow reed, straight, light, with no substance to hinder His breath. Then He will come and pick you up and breathe divine music through you, playing upon you with a delicate touch. In His hand the infinitesimal will be transmuted into the Infinite. Intensify the love that is present within you. It is a sacred gift. Expand your love so that all beings can share in it. Your love must be such that if someone around you is sad, you feel sad and if they are happy, you feel that happiness. Have your love fixed and devoted on the Lord, whether your petty wishes get fulfilled or not. Never let go, under any circumstances, this precious treasure - your Love for God. 
- Divine Discourse, Oct 9, 1964.(Courtesy: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam 10 Aug '13)

Samarpan at Brindavan with Phyllis Krystal 2


Phyllis Krystal was born in London in 1914. She graduated from and taught for three years there, before moving to the United States. In 2004, at the age of 91, she moved to Munich and at the age of 95 moved again to Zurich.
In the late 1950s, Mrs Krystal and a friend developed techniques to make contact with inner source of wisdom, Higher Consciousness (Hi C). These techniques can be used to help to release from attachments. For more than 25 years, Mrs. Krystal has given seminars and individual sessions in numerous countries to share the method. 

She has written several books:  

Taming the Monkey Mind
Re-Connecting the Love Energy .  
Let’s Thank God 
Ceiling on Desires.

Cutting the Ties that bind (1982) &Cutting More Ties that Bind (1990) and a workbook to accompany these two books.  Cutting the Ties of Karma
Many of these have been translated to different languages. 

For more details: 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Samarpan at Brindavan with Phyllis Krystal 1

Loving Sai Ram!!!

This Samarpan, we have a very, very special guest, Mrs. Phyllis Krystal, sharing her experiences with Bhagawan.
Born in London in 1914, she moved to the US, she now lives in Zurich. In the late 1950s, Mrs Krystal and a friend developed techniques to make contact with inner source of wisdom, Higher Consciousness (Hi C). For more than 25 years, Mrs. Krystal has given seminars and individual sessions in numerous countries to share the method and help people spiritually.
She went to Bhagawan in 1973, when Swami told her, ‘You…. Have come… At last’. One of her early experiences of Bhagawan was when He guided her to use the most powerful of all weapons, Love, on the hijackers of a plane. She has written several books Sai Baba - The Ultimate Experience, Taming the Monkey Mind, Re-Connecting the Love Energy, etc. At 99 years, her life is a beautiful testimony of how we can lead a truly spiritual life.
Please join us with your family and friends for an enchanting evening of Vedam chanting and soulful Bhajans by the students of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions and do partake of the loving offering of Prasadam thereafter.
With all our Prema…

Friday, July 12, 2013

God forsaken | Business Standard

I am amused to see the title, "God Forsaken"! Hence, some Random Thoughts :  
  • God & forsake!! Isn't that an oxymoron ? God never forsake anyone, it is we who forsake God. We tend to swing from/to different levels of awareness or even avoid the reality, ostrich-like :) 
  • One of the main teachings of Baba is 'Each one of us is God'.  We are just not 'aware' of it. That is a choice we make! Let us not blame Divinity!
  • The chair occupied by one of our political leaders, is not Vikramaditya's chair ('anyone occupying it had access to the emperor's wisdom'). A businessman chose to go to Puttaparthi to set up & run his business. Just as any normal business is cyclical, his handicrafts & jewellery business is also going through same. It is his choice to stay put or pack off, in search of 'greener pastures'. 
  • It is sad if a resident-businessman looked at PTP as just one of the 4P's of marketing, 'Place'.. For the seeker, PTP is a place where 'Sarva Dharma' is genuinely practiced, an important Sai teaching.
  • For a spiritual seeker, what is Puttaparthi, especially after April, 2011? Check out this video, which was received early this week (no coincidence!) . For a serious spiritual seeker, the shops & establishments at PTP are not of much relevance. Because, for him/her the journey is within. Also, let us not forget the macro-economic situation, in rest of India & different parts of world. People are in a mood to cut corners.

  • An extract of today's Sai Inspires: The lesson that all spiritual discourses wish to convey is that you must give up your pursuit of sensory objects, if you seek lasting peace and joy. Material wealth brings along with it, not only joy but grief as well. Accumulation of riches, multiplication of wants will lead only to alternation between joy and grief. Attachment is the root of both joy and grief. Detachment is the saviour.- Divine Discourse, Aug 19, 1964. -- -- -- Sai inspires is a daily message from Radio Sai, Puttaparthi (Baba said that in 1964 and He always advised 'Ceilng on Desires')

  • Perhaps the average profile of the traveler has changed, over the years, not just since April, 2011. The crowd during week-ends, festival days, etc are as big as it used to be always, 'over-crowded'. With three canteens inside ( south, north Indian and western, plus few stalls, bakery, tender-coconut etc inside Ashram, less and less people are stepping out!) Many, who have a place to stay outside, prefer to buy fresh fruits & vegetables and cook at home, a holistic and simple meal. (Families that eat & pray together, stick together!) Also, during a pilgrimage, food is not a priority. I reminded of the catering staff in a train from Mumbai to Blore complaining to me few years ago, 'all these Sai Baba people are not buying much from us' !! Hospitality sector is bound to feel the pinch.
  • Real estate sector has had its share of prosperity, just as in rest of India. But they have wrecked havoc on the fragile environment, including the river Chithravathi, in this drought-prone terrain. Sad the author did not step out of the comfort zone to highlight that.  (If our media was more environment-conscious, man-made disaster Uttarakhand would not have happened)
  • Whether the place will become a Shirdi or Tirupathi, is last priority for any genuine seeker. We are better off with the simplicity that prevails there and lesser crowd is perhaps more preferable. Baba always looked for a quality, not 'numbers' ! One who lives by Sai Ideals of Self-less Service...
  • After one of my trips to PTP, after Maha Samadhi, a doctor-friend asked me, 'how is business in Parthi, outside Ashram?' I was taken aback... He had genuine sympathy for the business community outside ashram. BS reporter has a similar outlook and genuinely cares for business community. But may be, sometime in near future, it may be prudent to take a trip back to PTP ('home' for many), wearing the hat of a spiritual seeker, not a business correspondent. Then you will understand what Puttaparthy and Sai Baba is..
  • And may be, BS can actually have a column for genuine seeker, just as BS Motoring, one of my fav :) God Bless 
Pls check out this link, photograph:  Mosque at PTP

Link to the article:  God forsaken | Business Standard

Friday, July 05, 2013

Uttarakhand Floods My Karma

Ever since Uttarakhand tragedy happened, I have been thinking more of Karmic implications. Though not 'directly' impacted by the tragedy, it has left a huge impact on me, just as in many others.
The disturbing thought was - 'I was experiencing the news & the impact (though I avoided media reports to a great extend), because of my Karma...'

Got this story this morning...

Once a dog came to Sri Rama bleeding from blows. Lakshmana was sent to inquire why it had to receive such blows. The dog said: “I was beaten by a brahmin with a stick.” The brahmin was questioned. He said that the dog always was annoying him by coming across his path. Rama asked the dog: “Well, how do you want to punish the brahmin?” The dog said: “Make him a manager of a temple.” Rama replied with wonder: “That would be a reward not a punishment.” The dog said: “No, I was a manager of a temple in my previous birth. It was impossible not to mishandle or misuse or misappropriate some fraction of God’s money. When he is that manager, he too will get like me this canine birth and perhaps get beaten too in his subsequent birth.”
In fact, not only the dog or the brahmin, but every one of (us) are lining off the property of God, for does not all this belong to Him? What do we do in return for all benefits we derive from the property of the Lord? We should not simply eat and sit quiet. We have to render service to the poor and the helpless in a manner suitable to us.
And save environment on the basis of Doctrine of Trusteeship... An ideal we seem to have forgotten in our mad chase for comfort & wealth!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Prashanthi Manidr Bhajans at Brindavan, Bangalore

Sairam... A quick update!
5 Jul 2013

23 Jun 2013: First things first. Towards the end of the session, as the MC was saying, 'When Krishna says that is a crow, it is a crow.. a pigeon, it is a pigeon...' The garland on Lord Krishna statue on the stage, behind Swami's Throne, fell!!! There was a quick response from the audience by a huge round of applause, full of gratitude and joy!

That beautiful incident summarised the event. It was truly bliSSful! 

I shared the information regarding the event, One with Sai, within my network as 'Prashanthi Mandir Bhajans at Brindavan'
At a time, when our prayers were with all those affected by the Himalayan Tsunami, directly & indirectly, I felt these vibrations will help to heal. 

Nature played a perfect host.
Music, especially bhajans & other spiritual variants, are very close to our hearts. 
I have no clue on the intricacies of raga, carnatic or hindustani. But, Swami has given us the ear for music and importance of bhava in bhajan-singing!
This was one program I was eagerly waiting. I was sure it would be different experience compared to a similar program by Sri Anup Jalota at the same venue  and another program I got a chance to attend, by Pt Jasraj at Mumbai.

As I walked in, a few minutes late, the program had just started. When I spotted Bro Arvind in the role of MC and the group on the temperory stage, I was sure I was going to be in for a musical treat. 

Talent is not just a gift from God. As Arvind quoted, 'Talent is God'. It was good hear how Lord Venkateswara loved Annamacharya's musical offerings.  

We got to know how Swami helped bro Kaustubh to render a Mira-bhajan, with almost the same bhava-raga-thala. 

How Swami helped Dr Sonam to locate, and compose a poem scripted by Bhrahmachari Ramcharan, inspired by Him!

How He would get Sailesh sir to pick up 'the song' (like 'mot juste', in French!) for a play, which the character of Swami Vivekananda, would render. 

How Swami would get His boys to compose a qawwali in a raga, rarely used for qawwali!
  • Bhajans to start off & to end with... by Ravi, Amey, Siddharth & others on the music-instruments...
  • Sai Ke Dharbar mein got all in the audience to participate...
  • The carnatic jubalbandhi by Ashwat/Anirud, background to the song involving Malladi-brothers...
  • Student's own Hindustani-style 'Sairam' by Kaustubh, including powerful alaap. 
  • Story behind 'chal re man, apne dhaam'...
Unlike the famous musicians, who sing more often for the audience, this group of musicians was very different. Their stage-presence was full of humility, reverence and gratitude. Swami's boys!
Swami is Ganapriya. As Arvind mentioned, 'The Lord installs Himself, where His glory is sung'.
It was indeed a very, very special evening with Bhagwan, courtesy His own Music Boys and Divine Grace. 


Sri Anup Jalota at Brindavan: (  
Pt Jasraj at Mumbai : (