Monday, March 04, 2013

Urgent Need to Deplastify our Environment

Tried a new 'route', outside the concrete area within our compound, for a morning walk. Had heard about this stretch from others, hence had planned to try...

Just five minutes away, civilisation ends! Till then, it was a combination of habitation and potential habitation, with a few complexes under construction. The construction workers indeed start the day very early... Along the short stretch, there was garbage, and lot of plastics. We need to urgently #Deplastify our environment. 

Once out of the clutter and pollution, I thought the stretch would be clear, clean & green. Saw a few people already walking. My expectation only went up, as a stretch which is preferred by morning-walkers will be a very 'healthy' environment. But I was shocked to find, pockets of unauthorised garbage disposals, loads of construction waste and massive de-forestation!

Saw two majestic trees. Felt glad there at least few huge, majestic trees, with eagles and other birds. As I moved closer, I saw they were right in the middle of a grave-yard. The grave-yard seem to be greener. The rest of the area were proving to be 'grave yard for the trees & plants'!! Construction debris were littered around the graveyard too! Real estate boom is killing our environment.

As I headed home, Sun rose with all splendor and light. Offered a silent salutation. We were part of a culture which worshipped nature. Now we are doing the opposite to Nature :(
What have we done to our environment!!

We need to make our environment PTP: Pollution-free, Trash-free & Plastic free