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Madhura mohana ghana shyama song

'Madhura mohana ghana Shyama... ' remembered this suddenly!

Googled, got this link.

Bro Srinivasulu & group...Some beautiful images of Swami too, incl few old ones/B&W.

Reminded of the wonderful moements in His proximity.. Miss so much!


Madhura Mohana Ghana Shyama

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Three Ways to Actually Engage Employees - Michael C. Mankins - Harvard Business Review

Three very powerful tips to engage employees.

Great talent can be teamed, need to be teamed. Only when
‘teamed’, the talent remains great! It all boils down to ownership.

More often, ‘ownership’ is more of textbook gyaan, not from
heart! And, employees don't feel it, as leaders don’t mean it. Organizations
struggle with 360-degree feedback, when the world is moving to eNPS. The three
tips could make organizations and leaders truly transformational, at a holistic
level! Our obsession with monthly and quarterly performance makes it tough to
focus on long term.

PS: Nobody washes a rental car! Why not? Wash the car, for
heaven sake! Even your own car, financed or ‘free’, is not your own car. Are we
not just trustees?

Three Ways to Actually Engage Employees - Michael C. Mankins - Harvard Business Review


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Should Service Be Done?

How Should Service Be Done?

When an elderly devotee prayed to elucidate this point Sathya Sai Baba immediately asked him, “Suppose you were walking in a forest and a thorn pricks your leg what would you do?” The devotee said that he would remove the thorn from his leg. And then Baba asked, "How would you do it?" 
The devotee was rather confused and said "Swami, obviously with my hand." Then Baba said "Why would you do it? The hand removes the thorn instantly from the leg because the moment the thorn pricks the leg, the hand also feels the pain. The legs and the hand are all part of one body and every part of the body feels the pain. So too, the entire world is the body of God and when any part of this world feels pain or suffers, every other part should feel it in the heart and should respond to it, just as the hand responds to the thorn in the leg.
This is the way service should be done with the feeling of Oneness.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Count Prayers

Galib ne yeh keh kar tod di tasbih - ginkar kyo yad karun unko jo be hisab deta hai? 
He broke the prayer beads saying ...why do I keep count while remembering him , who never keeps account of the endless bounties he bestows upon me.....

Wow !! He continues to give :))

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Bhaktasakha Prabhu

This beautiful bhajan,'Karuna nikethana Bhaktasakha Prabhu...' playing at the back of mind!! "Just like that" !!

Sharing the joy !

Feeling blessed...on a blissful Thursday.

Sai Bless 

Music is God

ILAYARAJA On not reaching saturation point even after scoring music for thousands of songs…

“ The reason is simple. It is not my property. It is not my mental concept or presentation or for that matter, my effort. It (music) comes all by itself and I give it to others. Only when I harbor the thought that I have accomplished all this will this question of what will I do next arise. I do not have that thought at all. It comes all by itself and therefore, I give it as I receive it”
Courtesy: TOI, Chennai

Sunday, June 08, 2014

God's Form

Many imagine that God will appear before them in response to their worship (Yagnas). These are illusions, merely imagination. What ultimately manifests before you is the nameless, formless Lord. In reality, God does not have any one specific form.

- -  Baba

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Avatar Vs SuperHero

Brilliant article by Devdutt Patnaik. He brings out the difference between an avatar and a superhero.

Today, many of us confuse an avatar with a superhero. We wonder why an avatar is not solving all problems around us, poverty, wars, et al.

God "comes down" not to clear the mess we have created, but raise our consciousness.

Of course, 'He may give us what we want, so that soon we ask what He has come to give'.

We are blessed to be born when an Avatar walked on earth, got to know about His Divinity and experience His unconditional (=divine) Love.


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How to Get a Job at Google -

14 % of staff in some of teams, has no big degrees.

Degree is important, but it does not give an automatic advantage, as it happens elsewhere.

What matters is not grades or what we learnt. But 

- general cognitive ability

- leadership

- intellectual Humility

- ownership

- ability to innovate in teams & soft skills

Not a bad idea now to do some introspection/self analysis and may be a Strength-Finder or 360 degree feedback?

It is never too late to work with Google! It is never too late to change ('paribortan'), I am (not just trying), but actually doing it!

Master's Voice: 'Education is for Life, not for Living' is so true here.

Check out the link

How to Get a Job at Google -

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