Friday, June 24, 2011

Donate Blood...Give>Get

Ran up to a friend with a small bandage on his hand... As guessed, he was returning from the hospital, after donating blood. Very cool...

Something that can be given away very easily, once in every 3 months. A very big opportunity to make a very BIG difference.  We will think of so many 'excuses'... One genuine reason could be we are not healthy enough to donate. Then all the more reason to get back to shape. If the body is the temple of God, we have no business to keep it unfit - physically. Also, mentally & spiritually.

Let us take care of our body so that it is fit enough to donate blood... Let us donate blood... You could save lives. Hence it is also known as 'liquid of love'.

Net-net let what we give be more than what we get... It adds up to Living SSpiritually

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Luck by Chance ?

"..... Today is a day when everything goes your way but you may find that it is not because of your own efforts! Ride this wave of luck and good fortune and it will carry you through" - Source Personalised horoscope on igoogle 

I was surprised to read this... as though only today, it was going to be 'luck & good fortune'. 
I have lived the whole life on it. But I don't think it was luck or good fortune... or by chance/sheer coincidence/etc. 

I have always been very clear it was all DIVINE  GRACE !

$ 100 dollar hamburger and SSpiritual Living


this caught my attention... not because I am an hamburger ( or any fast food) addict... But the sheer economic implication !

The discussion talks about over 1.5 billion cars in just China & India... over 200 billion for all chicken lovers... the impact on environment is going to be unthinkable.

On top of it the health cost due to 'fast food'

Time for the world population and also governments/leaders to take the responsibility... not to wait for a disaster to happen !

Time to adopt a lifestyle conforming to 'LIVE SSpiritually' ! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Book Review

Watched a beautiful interview of Charlie Rose with David Brooks... review of the book, THE SOCIAL ANIMAL

I am going to pick up Kindle edition, as and when it is available

Monday, June 06, 2011

Cricket @ Carribean

India's second rung registered a comfortable win... they beat WI in T20 too

Now people are going to blame BCCI for ensuring a turning track in West Indies !

It was good to see the great Viv Richards on Ten Cricket... He said, Sachin is Mr Cricket ! Of course he is 'King' of Cricket. Of course, he also said MSD is one of the cool captains... the way he handles pressure.

I agree, MSD's leadership style will be his biggest contribution to cricket and beyond. Inspiration for us in corporate sure. Must follow techniques for our politicians, across all categories. The way they have been handling the recent crisis after crisis, political leadership has been a disaster. We need mature, cool & composed, sincere, hardworking & assertive leadership.

PS : Danube ad on Ten Cricket id unbearable - Sad the viewers from subcontinent has to bear with such sub-standard TVC's. But, TVC of Ten cricket, on same channel is pathetic. 

Baba Ramdev, Political reaction

We are surely re-discovering our Gandhian values !

Anna Hazareji, Baba Ramdevji, BJP @ Rajghat, strike by MUL workers and even the great Pargat Singh threatening to go on hunger-strike !!

I hope more will not join - Raja/Kannimozhi @ Tihar or SRK/Dada at Eden Gardens or Vikram/Milind Soman at Greenathon !!!

Dharna by BJP at Rajghat !!

Indian politics hit to a new low... 

PS : Bapu must be turning in his grave !

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Facebook founder only eats animals he kills

Saw a recent report, ‘facebook founder only eats animals he kills’ ! My first reaction was to his ‘killing’… when I read through, realized it is a move ahead, however small. 

I have been fortunate to give up non veg food, long back. The world can not afford a lifestyle based on a predominantly non-veg food habits. Killing animals and the logistics/cost impact of creating of the meat… the cost by way of impact on environment is mind-blogging. 

If you care for animals, nature, environment, physical health, spiritual growth, future of your children….. Cut down on non-vg food, embrace organic/local food, try to quit non veg & GO Vegan. 

Let us not kill L