Monday, August 30, 2010

Betting in Cricket

Sadly the monster is back with renewed vigor ! Just when Pakistan is struggling to recover from the nature's fury, this man-made fury. According to reports, the victims of the catastrophe is denied urgent help as the donors world over are not sure the help would reach the needy...Corruption ! ! ! These cricketers had donated one-day pay for the flood victims.
Reacting to the expose, one of the 'respectable' former cricketer from England mentioned, 'with the ICC moving from West to East, this was bound to happen'. BBC correspondent spoke about corruption in Indian sub-continent.
While the Pak cricketers are caught in this, others' role can not be ruled out, East or West !
Sadly, even in this century, corruption is getting increasingly institutionalized, more in Indian sub continent, but also world over.
You can always blame it on credit crunch or 'Kali Yuga'. But, ethics in personal & public life is hitting a new low... Tiger Woods is a sad example on 'personal' values. Common 'wealth' games related corruption allegation  in India...

A friend shared...his son, in his tweens, is just getting hooked on to cricket! But every now and then, watching any cricket telecast, he would ask,' dad, is this game fixed?' And my friend would invariably say, emphatically, 'Not at all' !!! (He can't do that any more.) Even before he picked up the nuances of the game, he is aware of match-fixing and highly suspicious, feels father !

And, Cricket used to be a gentleman's game....

PS : Peter_eigen_how_to_expose_the_corrupt check out 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Movies

Cadillac Man
Decided to watch it, as I thought it will be something about cars ( 'Cadillac'). With a younger Robin Williams, I thought it could be at least watch-able ! Though he plays the role of a car salesman, nothing more...At the end of it, it was not about cars, salesman- funda, funny nor any where near ' Negotiator'!!! Waste of time...

Daddy Day Care [UMD for PSP]

Next attempt was Daddy Day Care..the 2003 film about two guys who lose jobs ( perhaps more relevant today, after 7 yrs!) and decide to start a day care for kids! Simple comedy, but watchable, thanks to Eddie Murphy and kids...A message for people losing jobs? Bloomberg reported skilled labour such as plumber/carpenter etc are in great demand, but people are reluctant to enter such fields...There is enough opportunity for the innovative lots...

Watched second part of hindi hit movie, 'BAGHBAN', starring superstars, Amitabh and Hema Malini. Would recommend only second part of the usual, long hindi movie, just to get into the plot. The veterans come up with brilliant performance, supported by dependable Paresh Rawail and Lillette Dubey, etc. Too much of
drama, but the theme is universally relevant. As life expectancy improves, the elders are not being taken care. It is universal duty or Dharma to take care of elders. Must watch... 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mozhi-tamil movie

Almost a year ago, heard the songs from tamil movie, MOZHI. Liked the songs...would have heard them over, many times...while driving esp & singing along :) ...Katrin mozhi by both male & female and also other songs were very melodius, meaningful and hummable...When another friend, a trained carnatic musician and hence better informed about music, shared similar thought about the songs, I realized I was not alone in admiration. He in fact downloaded all songs sung by the male singer ! Vidyasagar just superb.

Another friend, who shares similar tastes when it comes to movies, confirmed the movie was very good. Watched the movie last evening...( official CD, not pirated !)

Lovely musical film...simple comedy, typical tamil movie comedy...Prakash Raj rocks, his laughter is contagious! Prithviraj, one of the top malayalam actors does justice to the role... Support actors such as the CA-secretary do a good job. The professor comes up with a great performance. Jyothica was brilliant... She got a dream role and she lives the role...

The world of the deaf/dumb, blind is so different from that of ours. We can't even visualise it.

We will appreciate the movie more if we have/know of people who have gone thru such experiences...I know of a couple...lady lost hearing much after their wedding. But the way husband takes care and the way they communicate...I admire the family. Now grand parents, God has since then showered His blessings profusely on the family...

DO watch it...with family. Official CD's are out now ! You will laugh, you will almost cry, you will sing...and, you will not feel guilty of wasting time !

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back from Vacation

Back form vacation....India just got a bit more 'Incredible', I feel !

Mumbai got torrential rains. That meant, I ventured out less. But, thanks to rain-Gods, all lakes were overflowing.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the floods in Pakistan. It is time, the world woke up to this and extend maximum possible help.

Talking of natural disasters, it was shocking to see the extend of devastation in Leh.

As natural disasters are becoming a regular affair, we become less sensitive...nature has its own way of 'reacting'! And, we still debate on climate change. I pray for our children, future generations...hope they will forgive us for the damage we do to 'their' environment, which we have just borrowed from them.

With no family yet here, internet 'immobile' at home, Indian cricket just not worth-following/hence not re-connected TV.... checked out TED ( thanks to IPhone, it works even without internet!)

From creativity, Shekhar Kapur led his 'TED' to 'Water' rich waste, as clean water gets increasingly scarce... check out

While the rich ( in Malabar hill, et al) will spend extra time washing himself, for the poor in slums water is a mirage...As a child, I dreamt of having a grand bath tub at home. Now, as I stay in some of best hotels, I don't use bath tub, as I want to minimise wastage. May be when I am in Kerala, would try out ponds...

I finished washing clothes, this eve. For records, I do not use the rinse option at all.  One of the ways I try to save water. Need to do more...

Monday, August 02, 2010

Friendship Day with a difference -Shekhar Sen's 'Kabeer'

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I have been seeing the ads of Sri Shekhar Sen's musical, mono act plays. Never heard anyone in my friends' circle mentioning about same, unlike film-previews! Have been planning to go for the show, for a long time. But, last couple of vacations, could not get suitable schedule. As such, this time when I saw the ad on ToI, I went ahead to call & book tickets. On the friendship day, after catching up with two friends' families, we proceeded to ISKCON for the 8 pm show....Kabeer. A quick Darshan @ ISKCON and we entered the hall 10 minutes before time.

Sri Sen has selected three characters from recent history - Kabeer, Vivekananda and Tulsidas. They all have contributed immensely to Indian ethos and culture, by challenging the status quo and inspiring people to move ahead, SSSpiritually. They were true heroes..

Time management was perfect, starting at 8 sharp, exactly 10 minutes 'interval'!

The performance was truly mesmerizing. The simple stage/setting, superb light & sound effect and great performance by Sri Sen. Kabir had over 40 songs, and over 40 ragas. He would effortlessly switch from the role of a weeping mother, assertive young Kabir, kind wife, smart children and other roles, including the king ! The message was very thought provoking just as the life of Sant Kabeer.

The auditorium was packed. We were in the inspiring company of some professional artistes themselves.

The whole experience was truly SSSpiritual !

Would strongly recommend all my friends, esp those living in Mumbai, 'Must See' rating. One play is worth over 100 bollywood movies

Sri Sen's website :

An interview: