Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Let us block our calender:

  • Date: Saturday March 28, 2009
  • Time: 830 PM
  • Venue: your home
  • Action: Simple, just switch off all possible lights/airconditioner/etc.

Pls pass on. . .

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Varun Gandhi episode

This particular topic is getting much more coverage than it deserves.
He is one of fringe-politicians, trying to mis-use his oratorial skill, riding on the hardwork of his mother who nurtured the constituency for the young Gandhi...these irresponsible politicians do not deserve so much coverage.
He proudly declared he is a proud Gandhi, Hindu and Indian.
  • What young gandhi did is unfair to the term, GANDHI.
  • Hindu : he should read more on Hinduism and Sanathana Dharma. Afterall, he is a 'man of words'
  • Indian : same as above.

I request the news channels to reduce the coverage to this small news and focus on more important issues that matters to India and Indians.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Want to know what is inside Tendulkar's kit bag?

I have always been curious about the inspiring stories of great sportsmen - Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Pele/Maradona, Sergei Bubka, Phelps... Recently when asked, Phelps said he dreamt of being Michael Jordan of Swimming. Golf world is glad to see Tiger back in action as it would sustain the total 'industry'!

...and our own Prakash Padukone and Sachin Tendulkar. Years ago, I read how Saurav had carried an inspiring quote inside his kit. But this news about Sachin's kit was a good read. A reflection of the person. Kudos to !

Bapu’s Legacy

· America is the cradle of capitalism. A New Yorker, James Otis, has Bapu’s articles. He decides to auction!
· Indian government makes token noises and feeble attempts to negotiate with the owner and secure the items
· The owner puts forward conditions, such as reduction of defense expenditure and diverts the money for social causes (Good intent. But he should advise his countrymen to try and learn/practice Gandhian values too)
· Few prominent NRI’s enter the fray to ensure the articles reach India
· The articles are picked up for a staggering $1.8 mn…. by UB Group’s Vijay Mallya
· Govt claims they ‘procured the items through Mallya’ and confirms ‘it is UPA Govt victory’ !
Wow ! Govt had to take help of the liquor baron to get these articles…. Bapu always stressed on the need for purity of not only the goal, but also ‘the path’! These articles are symbols of Gandhian values and legacy. But, at what price ? Did our political leaders take a moment to think what would have been Bapu’s stand ? If we really want to express our love and respect for Gandhiji, we should practice his teachings and make his value system (more relevant today, than before) part of our social fabric. Food for thought for our political leaders…. And also for us, the responsible citizen.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

I read this book ! Finished this evening.

I had tried to pick up a copy as soon as it was awarded Man Booker Prize for 2008. But, was not available at the bookstall! Had to place an order and pick up much later!

Thanks to all the hype, my expectations were very high. After I picked up the book, tried to (religiously) go through the preface. But there was only 8-9 pages of comments from world over.
I read some of them. The expectation shot up further.....

The narrative is very interesting. Having born in a village myself and having worked in interior Karnataka ( Adiga's roots !), Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Mumbai, I could associate myself with several sections of the narrative. It is interesting at stages, funny and sad ...But, I read through quickly. More because of the anticipation ( so quite un-puttable) of the ending! Though I felt there was no suspense as the flow becomes quite predictive. But at the end of it, I am quite dissappointed. Coming in the backdrop of Slumdog, I feel what the Slumdog did on the movie arena, Adiga has done differently on the literary front. India is lot more than what they portray and definitely lot better and positive. I want to go back to a more inspiring category of books !!! Not a self help/autobiography, but something that I love reading!

PS : Perhaps I need to evolve as a reader to appreciate these books. I have great regards and respect for Adiga for his achievement from his very first book.