Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life on Earth

“Each of us has been put up on earth with the ability to do something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don’t use that ability as best as we can”

…Gracie Allen

Let us cheat ourselves... or the Divinity within ourselves.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hindu : Arts / Cinema : An actor par excellence

Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba will remember a kind, old lady dressed in white, collecting footwear from fellow devotees or sweeping the premises at Sundaram in Chennai or Prashanthi Nilayam in Puttaparthi. She was an active member of the Seva Dal, a service brigade. She never let her celebrity status come in the way of her desire to serve humanity.

The Hindu : Arts / Cinema : An actor par excellence

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day SSpiritually

A friend lamented, ' my valentine (hubby) is with his valentine ' !! I did not want to rub salt asking her, 'why is he not your valentine?' Point to ponder :)

So, it is a working day ! How are you spending this day ?
At work in office or elsewhere, studying at school/college, working at home or just watching cricket ?
The most loved cricketer is out early - three batsmen out at 15 ! His 100th ton still away !

Start the day with Love 
Fill the day with Love 
End the day with Love 
This is the way to God - - Baba

True love is love for God. But often we end up reducing it to a worldly level.

BTW, did you check my very special new year gift ? Pls do read the book "Zero Limits" by Joe Vithale.

It talks about the power behind the prayer, "I Love You". Not a mere filmi 'I L U', but the 'You' here refers to Divinity. Initially, even if we feel we are chanting mechanically, no problem. We will see the shift in intensity, slowly but surely. It is a natural process...

Hence God says, 'take one step towards me... I will take hundred steps towards you'. We just need to make the first step....towards permanent bliss.

So, this Valentine Day, let us visualize Divinity, our favourite form, and chant, ' I Love You'. The concentration, the intent and focus, very criTical.

Let this be be today's chant 108 times, still better 1008 times. Test & see the "experience", bliss guaranteed.

God, will you be my Valentine today ??!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thrash Can

We live a life of comfort... 

This morning, I felt guilty of not switching off the geyzer. I was not being environmentally responsible :(

Then entered kitchen for my water-therapy ( still stuck at phase-1, just one glass of H20 !)
I looked at the thrash in the basket - no waste at all, surely. But, the packaging/plastic/etc to make our foodstuff remain hygeinic & tasty. And, all that goes in to the earth. I felt more guilty...

In our effort to live a comfortable life, we continue to pollute Earth, big time... !

I silently prayed for apology to Mother Earth... I promised to be a little more responsible, environmentally. 

We all need to make these small adjustments, quickly. We have no much time left to make these small shifts... 
It is our choice. Let us make a wise choice and 'stick to the agreement' with ourselves, with Divinity. 

Beautiful example of selfless philanthrophy

Inspiring story on the eve of Valentine Day... we may be keen to celeberate merely materialistic way,  instead of filled with Divine Love...

Here is a story of a person, from humble background, finds ways to send divine love to people in need... helps them, all over in different countries, to overcome difficulties.

He is practising the Chinese proverb, '...teach him how to fish, you have fed him for his lifetime' !

He was inspired by a book of Sri Sathya Sai Baba....and picked up the important message, 'Love All, Serve All'

Read on...

Thursday, February 09, 2012


It is easy to conquer anger through love, attachment through reasoning, falsehood through truth, bad through good and greed through charity - S S S 

Inspiring Quote

All work is God’s; He inspires, He helps, He executes, He enjoys, He pleases Himself - SSS 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Morning Prayers

Last evening, read an interesting report on Dr SSahni's talk on 'being Divine Instruments', in the role of brahmacharis/thyaga jeevis... So inspiring...

Got to know about the importance of prayers during the Brahma muhurtham. I have always felt 'duty-bound' to continue with chanting suprabhatam, even after leaving hostel...
Dr Sola's talk gave a new perspective on the 21 omkara. Dr SSahni's talk highlighted the prayers during the early mornings are purely for SSpiritual growth! How beautiful... overflowing with sincere gratitude...

Wonder if that was the reason, I was awake at 430AM! Very unusual!  Wanted to sleep more so that I would not doze off at the day-long off-site today. But could not sleep. Got up and started the day, very early indeed. But, felt blessed throughout the day...  'Take one step....'