Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Everyone wants peace... consciously or unconsciously everyone wants just P E A C E.
  • Happiness, joy, satisfaction, contentment, etc at a higher level. 
  • Desires at a lower level, for material things & otherwise. 
Ultimately all wants peace.

‘I’ is ego; 
‘want’ is desire. 
Remove ego and desireand you will have peace in your heart. - Baba

Let's just go for it... everlasting, blissful peace !
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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Prashanthi Nilayam… The Abode of Peace looked more ‘peaceful’ ! Between Namma Bengaluru & Amchi Mumbai, I was at Puttaparthi for few days. To re-charge the spiritual batteries. 

The region looked very green & clean, thanks to some recent showers. Nature seemed to be getting ready for the birthday celeberations. 

The international township is yet to recover ( will it ever? Did Dwaraka recover? Did Ayodhya recover? Did Nazreth recover? Did Madinah recover? )

I must love you all whether you deserve it or not. I will transmit to you whether you deserve it or not. I must take you upwards whether you deserve or not. That is my job. But just because I do it, please don't mistake it that I approve of what you are doing. I help you in your spiritual life without having to approve of what you are doing. I help you in your spiritual life irrespective of whether you are virtuous or sinful, irrespective of if you are good or bad. That is my job, that is my duty, which I have accepted." -Anonymous

Amchi Mumbai

On the way back to my Karma-bhoomi, I stopped at amchi Mumbai for few days. 

I landed on a Thursday. Took some effort to get adjusted to the change in weather. ( I must confess!)

Next day turned out to be one of the’ hottest November-days in over seven years’, as a local daily reported. Sun chose to shine brightest when I was around, I guess J

Talking among newspapers, I still cannot understand why do Times of India has so many pages! They may consider it as a very hot product ! But, it is more 'humid', than that ! Fourth Estate deserves to maintain certain amount of consistent quality! Why waste paper/environment, reader's valuable time ( though he/she can choose... but do we choose really?)

At Mumbai, I could chuck the mineral water bottle & drink from the (filtered, thanks to Acqua Guard!) tap water! Felt good, for reducing the pollution to that extend, however small! Tender coconut had become more expensive ! But the vendor in our township extended a warm welcome... my son & me used to be his valuable cusotmers, once upon a time in Mumbai!

The overall quality of life surely has improved. One visible change was the number of dish antennas on the slums.  

Does that meant more couch-potatoes? It is confirmed more Indians suffer from life-style related ailments, compared to previous decades.
The number of people taking morning walks has seen a drop. The exception was the area around Shivaji park. There were people from all age groups, profile sweating out there. Thank God, people still care for their fitness & health.

Darshan, very early morning, at Siddivinayak was truly blissful. Thereafter went to ‘Kochu-Guruvayoor’ in Matunga. Break fast at one of the south indian restaurant… food for body, after the nourishment of the soul.

Taking an early morning drive to the temples is something we started, to beat the traffic. But as we drove past Aarey colony, Sun just coming out, the scene looked so serene & beautiful. Thank God we still have few green pockets, such as Aarey colony.

Mumbai, like rest of world, was obsessed with the date, 11.11.11 ! There were reports people tying marital knots, artificially ensuring child-births, etc. Of course, lot of news bites on the arrival of a child into Bhachchan household ! 11/11 was yet another day... a gift from God. But we forget the spiritual aspect of a new day & focus on the other side of the coin!

Of course, lot of discussion on Sachin’s 100th ton ! There was a joke going around, who would win the race to hundred – petrol prices or his centuries !

There was more aggression on Mumbai roads. Every one seemed to be in a hurry, lot more than it used to be earlier. Even drivers of taxi/blue cabs were aggressive & at times, abusive to others! Auto-drivers would be more pick & choosy about the route they would they would take, not what a customer wanted! The traffic sense, or lack of it, hit a new low, I felt. While lack of basic driving discipline was sad, total insensitivity to others on the roads was depressing.

I was in the city after a gap of over 2 years. But I sensed a perceptible change in the character of the city.  The residents may not observe the subtle shifts. An NRI friend, who just returned for good, has opted to move to Blore ! He was critical to see the infrastructure remains at same levels, as almost 5 years ago, when he went abroad in search of financial stability... and shockingly, nothing much has changed !

If physical infra was sad overall, the spirit of Mumbai took a dip, I felt. I hope, I am wrong !!

Bengaluru Travelogue

Bangalore International Airport was just great, comparatively. It was a good decision to shift it from HAL to way beyond even suburbs of this IT City. The way builders are lining up along the national highway, very soon the difference between city & airport will pale. I hope & pray the big brands from real estate will have the foresight to retain the green, unlike the (garden) city, with reduced green cover.
I still wonder, why was a rail-connectivity not planned as part of the project. Worth providing it even now, just to speed up and a better travel, compared to the efficient Volvo buses’ connectivity by RTC. The railway line goes along the NH, so it will be easier to link, compared to a very expensive option to extend the newly inaugurated ‘Namma Metro’. As we stepped out, the weather was so beautiful, inspiring!

Hop Stop & Jump Mumbai

Hop-Stop-Jump @ Mumbai International Airport:

This mega-structure, by local standards, under major development for quite sometime, is named after one of the most famous, admired rulers of recent Indian history – Chatrapathi Shivaji. He was a master-strategist, and exemplary executor. The pace of development process will not make the great warrior proud, for sure.

Last week, a colleague/friend asked, ‘how is your jet airways?’ This British of Arab origin (has worked with one of top-notch consultancy firms), was a man of taste. I was quick to respond, with a thumbs up, ‘one of the best Indian brands….one of my favourites’, to reinforce. (he knew how choosy I am about brands). For a moment I thought he was planning to check out ‘Incredible India’, after all my previous discrete sales-talks! (can sales talks be discrete at all?). But he said, ‘no, travelling to Maldives, looking for various route-options ’. I felt, Maldives deserved urgent attention of such responsible tourists, as the island nation was threatened to go under water, in not so distant future. The discussion was on the sidelines of our 2012 planning exercise with a bigger group, so the interaction did not go beyond the basic enquiry.

End of the week, I landed at amchi mumbai’s ‘international’ airport, early in the morning. No aerobridge, but a cramped bus, meant delays. If immigration counters were friendly, courteous & quick, the number of counters were just insufficient. Then, a long wait for luggage ( Need to travel lighter!). A queue awaited us for customs, though they were very efficient too. Many passengers were not mumbaikars, but onward passengers. As such the Mumbaikar’s discipline of standing in a queue was visibly absent.

The experience thereafter to catch the next flight was just painful – one more security check, check in, flight re-allocated due to the delay ( though we landed on time!), wait for bus (an old, antic Volvo). As I sat waiting for a mosquito attack, I felt guilty of not warning my (Maldives-bound) friend about this part of the ordeal…!

If he actually did a ‘hop-stop-jump’, he would have beeen surprised to find he was among the influential politicians of this region, meeting at Maldives. He would have bumped in to the soft -spoken Indian leader (Dr. Singh) and Pak PM with a green tie!

Like Bertie Wooster of PG Wodehouse, this Arab-British would not like Pak PM’s tie-selection.  But, Suzlon-sponsored, green ‘P - A – L Initiative’ would have approved !! What a pal to have, you may add!! But you don’t know, who may be a friend-in-need, even for a green initiative.

When I am back at work, next week, I will surely make efforts to catch up with him in the privacy of his cabin, so that he does not make any depressing comment about my city, Amchi Mumbai, though he was just ‘hop-stop-jumping’ ! ( watch out this space for update J)

But Jet Airways was great, as usual… except some delays, which may be largely beyond their control. While Kingfisher was in news for cancellation, I was glad I remained a loyal Jet customer, for their business like service and without unnecessary glamour ! 

PSN Update

  • http://www.firstpost.com/india/86th-birth-anniversary-of-sri-sathya-sai-baba-139021.html
  • .....  suggestions would be sought to install Baba’s statue and the sanctity of the Chitravati River and Kalpavruksham would be protected. (http://www.deccanchronicle.com/channels/cities/regions/anantapur/police-filed-false-case-trust-839)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

In the Master's Presence by Shammi Paranjpaye on Times of India

...."The outer vision is of necessity, transitory, casual, so that you may crave for and accomplish the inner darshan." very true indeed.
We have been fortunate to receive Darshan & Sudarshan. Now time for Inner Darshan... (Interview to Inner View, as Swami would say)

'Sri Sathya Sai Baba spent his life in guiding humanity and showering love on one and all with no distinction' 
That is true love, pure, selfless & Divine. Hence all those mega service projects, drinking water, super speciality hospitals, education.... all free

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Puttaparthi, in its glorious spiritual splendour

'Puttaparthi Loses Grandeur'  http://ibnlive.in.com/news/puttaparthi-loses-grandeur/204671-60-114.html

I was quite amused to read this report. My immediate thought was, 'ignorance is bliss' ! Or, may be 'not spiritual ignorance' !?

A photo of the sleepy village in 1970s ! Today, it is township which can boast of visitors from over 170 countries.....! Yes, the villagers from the area may see a slight dip on their economic front. But devotees of Sai need not worry of 'roti, kapda & makaan'... check out with His devotees, millions in over 170 countries.  Also, may be time to focus on the higher levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs??

Yes, the township is reflection of the world. As such some of the global economic effects will 'reflect' too ! But not to worry, the holiest among places will lose no grandeur :) For the grandeur of the spiritual destination will shine forth... yes, we, the recipients of His love & grace,   have a responsibility to reflect His values in our lives...by Living SSpiritually

He was never woriried about external paraphernelia or 'grandeur'... all that we see was what His devotees wanted. He wanted to give drinking water, education, medical service, etc... all free. 

SSS CENTRAL TRUST releases annual report

The trust has proactively released their report. As per NDTV report, courtesy 'media pressure'. Also for the sake of general transparency.
Those of us who have travelled to Parthi for so many years always knew 'transparency' was always one of the key pillars of everything around Prashanthi Nilayam (PSN)... His life was His message, for His devotees.

Yes, Puttaparthi may see a shift - but is not change part of everything in life ?

But I can guarantee, based on my short trip to Parthi early this month... Parthi/PSN was surely very, very spiritual. And one can only 'feel' it, not see/hear/read it !

Check out folks ! Have a blissful day !
Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu


Monday, November 21, 2011

Why blame the world around us?

Do not worry about the unsatisfactory environment you may be in. Of course, sometimes the place you are in may have drawbacks and may not be ideal. But it is of no use trying to run away from it. You can overcome any obstacle by training your own mind. Stay in your environment and pray to the Lord that He may fill you with His thoughts and vision, enabling you to ignore the defects of your surroundings. Do not seek comfort, for it might not be conducive to meditation. Learn to be comfortable in any place; that is better. Live in joy wherever you are for that is the way. Revel in the realm of your mind, worship there the Lord you have chosen as your goal and be free of all the defects of your natural or human environment! Then no spot will be irksome to you, nor will any place seem disgusting.
- Dhyana Vahini, Ch 14: “Remove Defects in Character

Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Loving Tribute to Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Sai's Empire Soul

Interesting read. ...

 You travelled 11 years ago, ( frm Hyd?). I travelled in 1988 to Puttaparthi, in a APSRTC bus. I was a non-believer, 'rational'  ( & at 22 yrs, just out of Nizam College, egoist, looking back!)

I wanted to become a journalist, even appeared in Osmania University's entrance.You are a man of words, as such all comparisons end there :)

As for becoming a journalist, my dad was unusually emphatic in saying 'No', though he allowed me to reject his career-ideas for me:  fauji, like him, or an engineer, to become banker.

As I sat on the sands for my first Darshan in June 88, I was a casual visitor. Then a Sai Student.
I have been most fortunate to see, learn and experience His love & blessings... Yes, He has given me a ring & a watch, my only attachments now. ( Today, I can thankfully afford the best brands, but nothing can match these two precious gifts - that helps me in practising one of His teachings, 'Ceiling on Desires').

When He becomes the fulcrum of my very existence, the experience can not be explained in words... the journey becomes truly blissful, spiritual. ( I am happily married, rate my parenting experience next only to my experience with Sai, enjoy best of relations with all my close relatives !)

And, He was not just a Hindu. He was above religions.
Yes, He opted to leave His body like a ordinary human being, after a brief illness. There is a message in all that, just as 'His life was His Message'.

We need to continue to enquire & explore, with humility... things will be clear and fall in place. That is the true spiritual journey...

Wish you alll Happy Journey !

Love All, Serve All..... Help Ever, Hurt Never - Baba