Thursday, June 26, 2008

Parental Responsibility

Indian Minister, Mrs Renuka Choudhary, wants stricter measures to control drunken driving by youngsters. She has suggested impounding the licence of not only the guilty, but also parents of the youngster. She feels the parents are as responsible for it, as the youngster himself/herself is.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Journey thru The Mahavakya on Leadership

28 Aug 08

More thoughts on Leadership...Source, one of those mails forwarded by a friend:

CHARACTER VS REPUTATION - we get confused between these two. While we end up chasing reputation, we should be focussing on character. The difference, being

  • Reputation is what people think we are, and Character is what we really we are
  • We end up managing perception and reputation, esp in organisations of all sorts.
  • Character is revealed by actions, not words
  • Our character is revealed by how we deal with pressures and temptations. But it's also disclosed by everyday actions, including what we say and do when we think no one is looking and we won't get caught.
Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." - Abraham Lincoln


13 Aug 08

Hard Rock Cafe : The world's leading collector of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia, it operates under the logo ‘Love All Serve All’, and is owned by a 500-year-old Native American tribe.

19 June 08
Leadership has always been a subject of interest for me, for a very long time... long time before the management school gave me a structured peep into this. The exposure at my alma mater gave me a new direction, forward.

An opportunity to present the subject for a select audience of family friends was a good experience. This made me go through the book selected for the presentation, take out my own paper clippings on leadership ( and dust them clearn:) ) and most importantly, think on this fav subject...

The presentation is over. But the thought process continues. I feel among other things, this 'hobby' helps to divert too! But three personal take aways:

  1. Bring back focus on physical fitness - only a soldier ( author) can talk about it convincingly, as he stresses in the book. Dad, also a soldier, was always an inspiration.
  2. Habit of writing diary - If Benjamin Franklin could mould his character through this, why not ?! But I find it an opportunity to 'interospect', write down the frustrations and dissapoints of the day and try to move on ! Happiness when shared, it doubles. But, I would rather 'share' negativities with my own diary and thus try to halve it !
  3. Learning - Author says the purpose of improving knowledge in the work related area is to develop sixth sense/intuition. Brilliant, I feel. So, more focus on improving knowledge on the work related matters.

The journey just got more interesting !

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Amitabh goes back to school

Amitabh was in news for his new passion of blogging.
Now he is in news for his visit to his alma mater. I am sure that would inspire some of his fans to reconnect... they may visit their own alma mater, get in touch with old friends... ( I did that personally after seeing the movie, dil chahta nahin :) !!)
Of course, RGV's Sarkar Raj hits theaters tomorrow.

For once, the superstar is in news for right reasons... Let us re-connect & give something back to our favourite schools and colleges ! Happy re-connect-ing !