Monday, July 23, 2007

Indian Cricket/new President of India

Rain God helped our cricket team to escape defeat at the hands of England Cricket team. While some parts of England faced the fury of rains, English cricket team would have brought some cheers to the cricket lovers across the country. But, the draw proved to be proverbial anti-climax !

Once again the Big Three failed to deliver. The stylish Laxman failed to carry on. Ultimately it was the familiar story of Indian cricket failing to live upto the expectations of a cricket-crazy republic.

Talking of 'republic', UPA has managed to get their candidate elected to the post of President. While, Sonia Gandhi would have earned a place for herself in the history by getting Dr Singh has PM, she and her party colleagues disappointed this time. It would not have been an easy task to replace a scientist-cum-people's president. But, the ruling alliance owed the citizens a stronger candidate, a worthy successor to Dr Kalam. After all, as the old saying goes, we GET WHAT WE DESERVE, good or bad !

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