Monday, September 17, 2007

dhoni new indian cricket captain

a village lad reaches the summit ... ! After Kapil Dev we have one more cricket captain from 'bharath'. Yuvaraj is seemingly avoided as he is more flamboyant.. ! It defies all logic to see Saurav not even considered for the slot, while he is obviously the best option. Perhaps the wise men ( selectors ) have ego problems ?

Siddhu and Jadeja gave a good analysis of the whole captaincy issue in ndtv, last night. Jadeja raised an old management thought, 'leaders are born' while siddhu took the opposite stand, 'leaders are groomed' ! As a management student, that was an interesting debate.

It would have been ideal to make saurav the captain and dhoni vice captain. That would have given enough training to dhoni and helped him grow into the captaincy role. Indeed, mysterious are the ways of indian cricket administrators ! That would have been the ideal way to handle the leadership in a professional way

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