Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Japan's bloggers

Blogging is an art... It continue to fascinate me.

As I have received several queries on blogging, here I am sharing what I read on the way Japanese blog.
  • They have not only gone wild, but do it differently !
  • Though English speakers outnumber their japanese counterparts by 5-1, more blog postings are written in Japanese
  • 40 % blogging by Japs estimated to be on mobile phone
  • Unlike their English counterparts, who use abrasiveself-promotion, Japs have embraced this techonogy and refashioned it as a soothingly nonconfrontational medium.
  • They don't blog to stand out, but to fit in. They would write about small joys in life such as cats, flowers, bicycles, gadgets, movies, food, etc.
  • Also they write short, anonymously and more often.
  • They consciously avoid criticism. They would rather sympathise a restaurant, rather than take out the anger for bad food/poor service on a blog.

While Japanese style of management has inspired us for decades now, the way they blog is also so much like their culture. In Japan, it is socially not acceptable to pursue fame. They believe rather in team effort.

How beautiful !

Source - press reports, Technorati ( internet search engine that monitors the blogosphere)

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