Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Egypt Holiday

Planning(!!): I have heard how people in the west plan vacation month in advance. I always wondered (and admired) how they are able to do. What normally happens with me is I plan a trip for a long time, but the plan remains in the ‘planning’ phase longer than required. Then it is last-minute finalization of tickets, accommodation, etc. Egypt was different, as I managed to plan and execute, a bit in advance. It was destination – Egypt, the land of Nile, Pyramids and Pharos.

Background: As the travel date approached, lot of developments around me, on all fronts!
Sudden demise of the closest family friend of my parents and the declining condition of a relative. Both, courtesy cancer. The report Cancer is likely to become the No.1 health problem seem to be happening ‘around me’! Then, the terror attack at Mumbai !.....
Hence, when a friend wished ‘bon voyage’, I was prompt to respond, ‘I would have preferred the solitude of Himalaya’. Thanks to the fantastic effort of the reputed travel agency, we were on board to Egypt on the scheduled date.

“EGYPT’ conjures up the images of a great ancient civilization, few centuries BC! Their sheer creation of structures such as Pyramid and other ‘temples’ and more importantly, to withstand the effect of the natural forces for all these thousands of years indicate the proof of their progress. Early morning flight ensured lack of sufficient sleep previous night.
We landed early afternoon, quickly checked into a hotel, dumped our luggage and rushed out to catch a glimpse of Pyramids at Giza. On the way, we picked out a few local versions of sandwiches as we did not want to waste time. The priorities were very clear.

The guide, an Egyptologist, had joined by then to give us some gyaan. We reached Giza. At we reached the ticket counter, behind we saw the upper portion of the majestic and mesmerizing Pyramid.

As we waited for our guide to pick up tickets, we finished our sandwiches.We drove for couple of minutes and then stopped to step out of our Toyota van. There stood the Pyramid in its full splendor. The sight was nothing but breathtaking !

As some of us, esp children, were fascinated by an opp to take camel rides, I was just glad TO BE THERE, near Pyramids of Gizaaaaaahhh!!!
We went out, had a late lunch and got back in time for the Light and Sound Show. The Sphinx and Pyramids, in the evening sunlight looked more beautiful!

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