Friday, October 30, 2009

South Mumbai Bound

17 Sept 09:
My new leg of the journey started on 17th evening. We were flowing against the traffic, still the flow was not very smooth. But it was a different experience to get onto the Worli Sea Link, for the first time. It looks majestic and was a great experience. I wounder why it took so long for Mumbaikars to come up with such a world class infrastructure ! Mumbai, like other major urban centers in India, desperately needs more such structures, quickly too.

On the Peddar road, with its usual traffic speed ( or lack of it), I saw a big poster of Jagjit singh! Needless to add, it usurped my attention! It was about a concert by the ghazal maestro at Nehru Center. Earlier I had the opportunity to listen to Dr Balamurali Krishna at the same venue. It was out of world experience! The venue, with its ambience and accoustics, complement these great talents. I made some checks and grabbed two tickets (self & wife) and rushed to the venue. On the way, while the yellow-blue taxi made noicy progress on the beautiful marine drive, we observed the date of concert was next day and I was moving to the venue exactly 24 hours in advance !!!  We were not very far from a small restaurant where I had many business lunches, with Jagjit ghazals in the backdrop !! 
There was no way we could make it next evening, as we were to be busy with a Self-development session!!! I missed the concert...During the next 24 hrs, tried few friends, but no one could make it due to their prior commitments. Essentially, the tickets went waste, I regret to add... But it was for a good cause, Human Rights, thankfully!

'Yeh daulat bhi lelo... ' !!! my mind played the song, as the taxi took a u-turn and moved towards our hotel near Gateway of India!

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For the Balamurali Krishna Concert I was there with you ....real food for soul.