Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vacation @ Kenya

Holy days... holidays !

Off to Kenya, for holidays. A new continent, a new type of holiday... after all vacations @ home, spiritual and a glimpse of a glorious past at Egypt !!! Now, it would be animals in their natural habitat.
(For my son, who has not been to a zoo at all, this will be a memorable experience!)

Virtually everyone, who checked out my holiday plan, reacted' Kenya?.......Why Kenya?....   What?....' etc. My response was consistently, 'why not?' :)

At Dubai airport, await boarding spite of the slump in market outside,the airport is buzzing with activity.. so much of life and speed. Dubai's energy is inspiring... Just as amchi mumbai!  0100 hrs,  quite unholy... full night travel is not a great beginning... Hope rest of it turns about to be one great experience...

Stand by for more updates....

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