Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bucket List Movie

I watch very few films. I never experiment with films. Would even attempt to to watch only based on feedback/review/recommendation from very reliable sources, such as close friends, media, etc.

I came across one such recommendation and the title stuck... BUCKET LIST. Fever, sore-throat got me out of action over the week-end. I decided to watch Finally got to watch home, with family. Saw it on the original, (yes, not pirated-proud of it !) Warner Bros Home Video.

We loved every moment of it... Fantastic performance by Nicholon, Freeman and others. Great script, good flow and some inspiring takeaways...

Some special moments

  • Virginia rightly reprimands Chambers for not avoiding 'cancer' .... (readers, pls QUIT smoking!)
  • A devoted family man is ''happier''! This is more relevant when more celebrities are joining the ranks of fallen heroes
  • Laugh until I cry - that was a great item to be on the list. In our hustle & bustle, we forget to laugh. Master says, just as sweetness is the nature of sugar, happiness is our natural state 
  • Find Your Joy ... that should be our constant search.. true happiness... spiritual happiness ( Sat-Chit-Ananda, according to Indian Philosophy)

Watch the movie... Make your bucket list... It is never too late to do so. Don't wait to get old !

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