Thursday, February 10, 2011

India's Black Money

why-india-sees-red-over-black-money : Kuldip Nayar

Acc to a Swiss bank report dated 2006, as much as $ 1.45 trillion Indian money is stashed away in Swiss banks... enough to 'eradicate poverty' ! But, the spineless political system will do nothing... Common man has to put pressure on the government to take this issue to its logical end. We need a proactive legal system to get the govt institutions to do their job, on this front. India's aam admi deserves it.

It is not enough if we 'sacrifice' one sunday and get on to the field.

Perhaps we need yet another Gandhi. Or pure, unadulterated  'Gandhigiri'. We can not allow few to hijack our economic agenda. It is also breaking our value system, by giving over-emphasis to 'being rich' 

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