Saturday, October 20, 2012

Avatar Declaration Day of Sri Sathya Sai

Greetings on the auspicious occasion of Bhagwan's Avatar Declaration Day. ( Avtar Decl Day )
It was on this day, seven decades ago, a young Sathya Sai 'dropped' out of school to go to His devotees who were waiting for Him. ('dropping out' was not so glamorous those days!)

PSN is celebrating  Dassera, with yagnas for universal peace, and loving service through gram seva ( village service), as it happens every year. 

Today's evening program consisted of three talks by Swami's students. Some inspiring messages there...
Thereafter, a recording of Swami's message was played. Swami stressed the need to 'Love All' and 'overcome doubts'. As Swami has taught us, on the spiritual path there was no scope for fear or doubt, but just pure, divine, love for all. 

I am traveling, since Thursday. At the airport, I was looking for a book to read over the trip. Was keen to pick up a spiritual title, during Dassera. Airports have very limited collection, due to the space constraint. Spent quite some time browsing at the two book stalls, as I was very early for the flight, as advised by airlines :). Finally I picked up the book, Miracles Happen The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories – By Amy E. Weiss and Dr Brian Weiss  from  Hay House. 
Interesting book on past-life memories - we can align with our own doctrine of Karma. 
I have not read his previous book, but was pulled by the title, 'miracles happen'. We are still pulled by the miracles :). One of the student-speakers spoke about 'devotees' prayer to Swami for a Chithravathi session on a full moon day. Swami gave a beautiful message: He did not need chithravathi sands, or sands collected at Mandir for construction or any such medium. His biggest miracles we us, His devotees'. 

The medieval age of darkness has passed away and a new age of radiance has dawned, when reality is becoming evident, where science is unraveling the mysteries of the universe, the oneness of the world of humanity is being established, and service to all is the paramount motive of existence ( The Dawn of a New Age - Courtesy The Dawn of a New Age - Bahai Faith, Speaking tree,Times of India, 20 Oct 12)


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