Friday, December 21, 2012

Dr Sola on Radio Sai

Listening to Dr Srikant Sola in conversation with Prof GV:
  • Many were 'introduced' in this birth while 'traveling'... yes, spiritually, we all are "travelers". But some of these travelers were introduced through a book on Sai while flying and were transferred once landed. "High Altitude Transformations", says Dr Sola :)
  • Dr Sola was 'fortunate' to have a jeevan-mukta in his family, his grandfather. Got to get the initial guidance from him proved to be a great foundation.
  • The concept of becoming a jeevan-mukta is truly inspiring. Very aspirational... To reach that level would be a guru-dakshina worthy of avtar.
  • Quality is not necessarily linked to luxury. Swami's hospitals are luxury in service-quality, and free ! So the patients from the lowest segments of society, get luxury (not at affordable prices), but absolutely free. Great-grandson of Alfred Nobel was super-right when he said, the hospital was a 'high-tech charitable hospital'. With Baba, it has to be the best ... And that is a level  we should try to attain in all our endeavours...
 let's love ourselves..

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