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Prashanthi Manidr Bhajans at Brindavan, Bangalore

Sairam... A quick update!
5 Jul 2013

23 Jun 2013: First things first. Towards the end of the session, as the MC was saying, 'When Krishna says that is a crow, it is a crow.. a pigeon, it is a pigeon...' The garland on Lord Krishna statue on the stage, behind Swami's Throne, fell!!! There was a quick response from the audience by a huge round of applause, full of gratitude and joy!

That beautiful incident summarised the event. It was truly bliSSful! 

I shared the information regarding the event, One with Sai, within my network as 'Prashanthi Mandir Bhajans at Brindavan'
At a time, when our prayers were with all those affected by the Himalayan Tsunami, directly & indirectly, I felt these vibrations will help to heal. 

Nature played a perfect host.
Music, especially bhajans & other spiritual variants, are very close to our hearts. 
I have no clue on the intricacies of raga, carnatic or hindustani. But, Swami has given us the ear for music and importance of bhava in bhajan-singing!
This was one program I was eagerly waiting. I was sure it would be different experience compared to a similar program by Sri Anup Jalota at the same venue  and another program I got a chance to attend, by Pt Jasraj at Mumbai.

As I walked in, a few minutes late, the program had just started. When I spotted Bro Arvind in the role of MC and the group on the temperory stage, I was sure I was going to be in for a musical treat. 

Talent is not just a gift from God. As Arvind quoted, 'Talent is God'. It was good hear how Lord Venkateswara loved Annamacharya's musical offerings.  

We got to know how Swami helped bro Kaustubh to render a Mira-bhajan, with almost the same bhava-raga-thala. 

How Swami helped Dr Sonam to locate, and compose a poem scripted by Bhrahmachari Ramcharan, inspired by Him!

How He would get Sailesh sir to pick up 'the song' (like 'mot juste', in French!) for a play, which the character of Swami Vivekananda, would render. 

How Swami would get His boys to compose a qawwali in a raga, rarely used for qawwali!
  • Bhajans to start off & to end with... by Ravi, Amey, Siddharth & others on the music-instruments...
  • Sai Ke Dharbar mein got all in the audience to participate...
  • The carnatic jubalbandhi by Ashwat/Anirud, background to the song involving Malladi-brothers...
  • Student's own Hindustani-style 'Sairam' by Kaustubh, including powerful alaap. 
  • Story behind 'chal re man, apne dhaam'...
Unlike the famous musicians, who sing more often for the audience, this group of musicians was very different. Their stage-presence was full of humility, reverence and gratitude. Swami's boys!
Swami is Ganapriya. As Arvind mentioned, 'The Lord installs Himself, where His glory is sung'.
It was indeed a very, very special evening with Bhagwan, courtesy His own Music Boys and Divine Grace. 


Sri Anup Jalota at Brindavan: (  
Pt Jasraj at Mumbai : (

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