Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thriving business | Frontline

We attract what we want in life, including fake or real gurus. 

A person may appear to be good or bad, for different people. It is based on their perception, judgment and own energy levels. 

As such, someone may appear to be a Master for a follower, but a fake-guru for the so-called rationalist. It is what one decides to interpret and invite...

Even if I go to a Master, it is my personal choice what I want to get from the Master. Also, I am responsible for my children, at least till they are matured enough, when they become adults.

So-called celebrities and politicians may be going in search of Masters due to the inherent vacuum within themselves, chasing power, money and all such materialistic pleasures.

Here is what an accomplished scientist had to say about His Master

Reaction to the article on Thriving Business
Thriving business | Frontline

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