Thursday, December 05, 2013

Sangita Kalanidhi Award to Mrs Sudha Ranganathan

Very inspiring article about a great musician, Mrs. Sudha Ranganathan. 

Sudhaji's hard work, dedication, and commitment to the art are well brought out in the article.
It starts off with Pt. Jasraj ji's compliment. 

- Mother's dream, and efforts to translate dream to action
- Father's support (non-interference, initially!)
- Guru's Guidance - Sudhaji was blessed to get a guru of MLV's stature. The guru insisted on meeting the groom of Sudhaji and extracted his commitment to support her ward's journey! Gurukul parampara. 
- God's Blessings. The concluding para almost brought tears into my eyes. *

Her musical journey is a beautiful example of the saying, 'mata, pita, guru, daivom' or 'matru devobhava.....'.

You can also argue how 'Nature conspires...' as Paul Coelho would put it. 

"Talent is not God's gift, Talent is God" - I have heard great musicians like U Srinivas ji, Anup Jalota ji and Students of Sri Sathya Sai Baba saying this. 

Beautiful story and inspiring stuff. Thanks to The Hindu. 

* “I have talked about the role of my mother, father and guru. In the final reckoning they are all different manifestations of God, Sai Baba, as I recognise him. It was He who named me Sudha. I sat on His lap as a child and twirled His hair in innocent frolic. He did my aksharabhyasam, my formal initiation into the world of education. The first song that I sang was a Sai Bhajan…”

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