Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Words are Weapons

Got this forward from a close friend, "Words are Weapons' by Michael Josephson. A google search ( thanks to Google !) on him threw up his website, 'CharacterCounts!' That got me hooked and then I read thru the mail fully.

Pl check out :

Indeed, words are weapons. In today's high pressure lifestyle that the world is increasingly moving into, all types of weapons, including pen and word, just got more destructive. I am sure it is affecting many people across all types of relations (professional, social and personal). Professional forget elementary lessons of communication such as be a active listener, responsibility of communication lies with communicator, etc. In social & personal situation, we forget the words leave lasting impact on others, at times straining relationship beyond repair. On a spiritual level, we forget the concept of ahimsa extends to not only physical violence, but also thought & word (not just 'deed'). The Master goes a step ahead. He advises, 'talk to someone as you would talk to Him and listen to someone as you would listen to Him' . How beautiful !

I have consciously penned my comments under heading 'happiness' and not 'be inspired' !

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