Saturday, February 16, 2008

customer service

Just read 'Robins Blog -- Chicken Wraps at Gas Stations' , forwarded by a friend. He is a delighted customer impressed by not only the taste of chicken wrap, but also the cleanliness and above all, the service.

I was looking for 'brown' kuppoos at the local mall. This mall is definitely not one of my favourite, but then wife loves it for the proximity, the range of stuffs available there & value for money. Son loves it for their bakery's croissant, mini-pizzas, samosas, etc. For me the only silver lining is the small book shop by the side where I pick up my copy of Gulf News and other magazines ( of late, malayalam newspaer for mother in law )!

Coming back to the local version of bread, the salesman indicated me the 'brown version' is available on the other side. I went there and was unable to find it. I came back and asked the elderly salesman once again... He was perhaps having a 'bad day at office' as he said, aap to peeche pad gaye ! I was in no mood to give the old man a piece of mind or a gyaan on customer service. I would rather walk out, and try not to return.

At Shoppers Stop, Andheri, when I protested to at the cash counter for their poor service, the cashier said I could give my feedback in their feedback book. (I am one of their privilege customer and I was flashing same at the counter !) I told him, 'I would rather walk out and not return' than take the trouble of trying to lodge a complaint/pen a feedback !

Customer service . . . !

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