Thursday, May 29, 2008


As the semifinal line-up is drawn, some thoughts :

  • It has been going on for too long.... though the matches got tighter ! As the count of the match is flashed, even my son raised an exclamatory remark at the quantum of the count!
  • Vijay Mallya is an icon in his area. But, he proved to be a poor sponsor by washing dirty liner in public. That too Rahul Dravid, one of the most loved sportsperson of our country, for not only his contri in field of cricket, but the overall elegance and character he brings into the game, on the field and off the field. Character is most important, afterall, in every field.
  • Sharukh came out supporting Rahul. But, he was unable to bear the string of losses. He made an issue about his permission to be with the team at the pit, but what inviscible ! ( as he would talk about Aamir Khan's absence from film-award functions). Shahrukh had made an earlier statement 'he loves to be a winner 'of sorts, but seemed dissappointed with his team's inability to get into the last four
  • I am a fan of dada too. I always admired his leadership skills. He salvaged some cricketing-pride in the last game, by leading from the front.
  • Sachin indeed is my favourite cricketer. Sad, he could not play in the earlier matches and managed to lose some closest matches. I have great admiration for his cricketing genius, and also the character... the way he carries himself around. But felt, he was not a sharp leader ! Afterall, God would not give everything to one person :)
  • Some crowds were vociferous in the support of their hometeams. Yuvraj was most vocal about same at Mumbai. The best advise came from his own coach on NDTV to react with the bat and ball, by raising the bar ( and not by cribbing about it !) Indeed...

Let the best team WIN !

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