Friday, May 02, 2008


Steve Jobs has been a great inspiration. Pepsi to Apple by John Skully was one of the popular books among management students of our times :) But perhaps the genius of Steve Jobs was IPod. The fact he continues to innovate on the great product is proof od his greatness.

IPod remained in the list of my must-buy for a long time. But, affordability was the issue ! Meanwhile Apple continued to innovate and go beyond ( I Phone, etc)

Affordability is very relative! When it became 'affordable' ( on relative terms of course!), I kept delaying the inevitable! I continued to track the developments as a student of innovation/marketing/etc.
Robin Blog made an inspiring question - "what is your IPOD?"

I delayed the purchase further...partly the cost/value for money...
Main reason was different now: wanted to peg it to some great personal achievement ! Parameters thereof very personal..JUST TO CHALLENGE MYSELF

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