Sunday, November 02, 2008

Kumble Retires

Kumble also has decided to hang his boots ! Some thoughts...
  • He has always been a great fighter, a symbol of true aggression. People always think 'aggression' is to throw about your weight around, shout and abuse all in the vicinity. ( So common in our corporate life, esp in the field of Sales !!). It is perhaps his education, which the Master says 'should end in CHARACTER'. Or, is it 'sanskar' or upbringing ? Worth emulating, indeed...(He unusually exhibited his emotions yesterday, when he shouted at Amit Misra, for poor fielding)
  • Departure of Dada and Jumbo will leave a big gap. We have some exciting talent waiting on the wings, but not yet good enough to fill the vaccuum. No need to look far for examples. Ask the visiting Aussies
  • I agree with Sachin and whole lot of others. We 'don't respect seniors'. Our culture boasts of Respect for Elders as one of its pillars. But, that does not seem to be applicable to senior cricketers. Or is it change of our value system ???

We may produce more great spinners such as Kumble... but few will bring his character on to the cricket field. That is the true loss to international cricket.

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