Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paul Coelho

Stuart Husband's article on Paul Coelho made me share my thoughts ....

  • He looks and dresses like a rock star...he is 60 yrs 'young' !

  • He is not irked by the fans who want to pose with him for a photograph or apprach him for his autograph ( Recently my son was shooed away by a body-guard of a Bollywood superstar at the lounge in Mumbai's international airport. Security was obviously not the reason. My son felt sad. I thought what is a superstar if he is not able to reach out to his fans !!) For me, someone like P C is a bigger star, esp when he has this humility !

  • one fifth of his 100 million books sold has come from THE ALCHEMIST. I liked the book, but never rated it as anything very great. But the line, WHEN YOU WANT SOMETHING, ALL THE UNIVERSE WILL CONSPIRE TO HELP US ACHIEVE IT is just great !

  • Hs background is interesting. Do check out http://www.gulfnews.com/weekend/books/10259315.html

  • His advise, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS...

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