Monday, August 24, 2009

Best sportsman

In his article, "IN THE ERA OF WOODS, FEDERER, THE LITTLE CHAMP STANDS TALL", Sunil Gavaskar says Sachin is the best of the lot. While all the three and many others have reached the pinnacle in their respective sport, Sachin stands out for his character on field.

I agree with Sunny, with the pressure that is on an Indian cricketer, Sachin's composure is truly saint-like. Cricket is supposed (used ?) to be a gentleman's game. But in contemperory cricket, Sachin is a true gentleman. A gentleman, with that kind of record, makes him one of the all-time greats.

Thanks to the credit crunch and other stress on our lives, there is a change in our behaviour and response-patterns. We can look around to see the change, while the experts do an extensive research. In such situations, sportsmen like Sachin inspire us to remain cool and be the best.



Very true in all sense he is one of the noble character.



have noticed a strange thing in many media both print and electronic ...The highlighted news on sports page was England winning ASHES but when I browse through the write up I noticed that the much talked subject is PONTING the first Aussie Captian to lose two Ashes series in its 119 years history. Sad to notice this... all said and done he is one of the remarkable cricketer and great captian too and one can never rule out he returning to England for 2013 Ashes to clinch it back.

SUBS said...

It has been a great effort by English team. Aussies were under pressure to retain, but the hosts played with a purpose.

SUBS said...

check out this article, on Ashes triumph, if not seen already: The greatest test for England now is to focus on future... Source: The Independent

Mortgage Friend said...

While he is composed the winner instincts is not lost in his game. I liked one of his interviews in NDTV "Walk the Talk" where he says he does'nt mind loosing to his son and daughter ...(and not to anybody else.... )Great father!