Saturday, August 01, 2009

Friendship Day

World over, first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. Like many other similar ‘days’/celeberations, the origin of Friendship Day is traced to US too! Way back in 1935, people felt a need for a friendship day !

Few days back, while driving my son to the pet shop ( one of his favorite destinations), he asked me about friendship. His best friend had gone to to stay with his grand parents and continue his high school. (Then, we had brought home a pet dog to help junior ride over the grief!) Earlier to that, some other friends had gone off to Canada, Kolkotta. Now, at the beginning of a new academic year, his current best-friend seem to be on his way out… . Naturally, he was feeling let down by God!

I spoke generally about my friends, my concept of friendship, etc in a language that he would understand. But, on the eve of Friendship Day, when I got couple of advance-greetings, I remembered the thoughts… hence sharing!

There are several things in life for which I am very grateful to God. One of them, wherever I went, I always had some very good, dependable, true friends. For a introvert, moody, ordinary guy like me, it is nothing but sheer Grace… Also, as a teetotaler, inability to share a drink has its own disadvantages.
I have always tried to remain connected with my friends, Very early in life, I would write letters to friends. Much later, it was SMS and e-mail. (Except on some rare occasions, when I shot off physical-letters to some friends, after watching Dil Chahta Hai, etc ) There have been so many who were out of touch and got re-connected!

Over the years, I have got spiritual with my idea of friendship too. Satsang is an integral part of spiritual journey. I have become very selective about new friends… Master said, ‘ Tell me your friend, I shall tell you what you are…’. Also, ‘friends are passing clouds…’ Of course, the main reason is the strong feeling & aspiration, God is my only, true friend. That helps me to be dispassionate about things generally, and detached about literally everything.

But a true friend endures. A true friend understands, inspires, helps to be the true self/without pretentions …. A BIG T H A N K YOU, FRIEND! The world needs more friends like you, for a lot more people like me... God Bless You.


Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Lovely post..

In many ways, I think I am similar to you. Not a big socialiser, dont have the vices necessary to attract a certain set of upwardly mobile circle..

Like you, I have found solace in a few select like minded people who believe God as the only constant and permanent companion. Each of us reinforce these views to each other from time to time.. Perhaps, this is what is called "satsang" - the best form of friendship and companionship..


Arti Atre Singh said...

Every day is friendship day with friends like you. I am gald we met, however briefly, it has enriched me. Have a great year.