Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation 2010 @ Incredible India!

Sachin hit a double! I am a die-hard fan of the cricketer and the person. We have mortals to look up to. . .
Loved the article on ToI, which indicated why Sachin is so successful, for so many years. (Chk out link : Sachin's 300 )
  • Discipline  ( he went to bed on wed @ 830 pm, was up early, etc!)
  • 300 runs..'will come, if it has to': that is practical SSSpirituality!
  • He played like the debutant at other end, Suresh Raina - 'every day is a new day in the life of a great artist'!
Inspiring stuff!

PS : While batsmen from both sides happily accumulated runs, test cricket hit a new low....:( Test cricket needs better pitches. ICC needs to step in. Sharad Pawar can start from home...

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