Saturday, April 23, 2011

Japan's disaster

It was such a sad experience to see the extend of devastation.

I wondered, what is the cause of it !? Kept enquiring... the only response I could get was, 'effect of Karma?' I still wonder...

If that is so, what about the karmic effect of all that is happening now ?! O Lord... Pls take care.

One thought stuck many would have lost their lives, trying to save others.
Do you have anyone you would die for ? Sacrifice everything you have for sake of someone... ? (if situation arises or if opportunity knocks !)

Then I thought, overwhelmed with gratitude...YES, I would. I have Someone to die for... something to live for... The Divine Mission. How fortunate I am !

I asked Gods for all things in life... HE gave me life, so that I could enjoy all things... 

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