Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cricket Dreamz.......

I had a dream... ( not the Martin Luther King types !)  not one, several ! But remember one distinctly.
Do I say I slept well or had a disturbed sleep ? ( I felt jealous when Warren Buffet said, 'he sleeps like a baby' on NDTV !)
Surely not insomnia, but hope no 'apnea', a new disease I heard of recently... one of the diseases of this century !!!

Back to the dream : I was playing cricket.... on a hilly terrain! I was fielding and the ball went down the hill...I went after the ball... While going down the hill, I was thinking ( even in the dream!)... what a silly thing I am up to. Wasting time chasing ball down the hill, playing cricket, et al.
I woke up and was glad it was only a dream after all.

Surprisingly, today's mach was at Dharmashala, with a majestic Himalayan view !!

Wonder, was it my conscience pricking me in my sleep... I  did catch up with part of yesterday's match, as it had Mumbai Indians. ( I am still on a TV-viewing-dieting!)  And they lost miserably. Got strategy & tactics wrong, I felt, though I don't claim to be a cricketing strategist !!

Did not waste time today, watching the IPL.. Utilised time better, praying ! Trying to practise what I have been preaching... to Live SSpiritually !

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