Tuesday, August 23, 2011

India, Incredible

Incredible India! (Miss so much, motherland!)
·         Came across this article, 'go organic, become self-sufficient' - the Hindu 1 Aug 11.  Thanks to a NGO, Timbaktu Collective, many farmers in Anantpur dist in AP, have gone organic. One entire village, Brahmanalli, has moved into org farming! That surely is the way ahead
·         I was surprised to see Hero Cycles chief complaining there is levy (duties/taxes) on cycles in India. Should we not extend ‘nil’ tax, if not subsidy? Both from the environmental & health benefits. As Ndtv interviewed Gavaskar from England, I was glad to see people riding bicycles in the background, on main roads!
·         Catching up with old friends/colleagues in banking sector, one information came out – the way micro finance industry had gone down and how demand for gold loans going up. India is a world leader in gold demand. But, loan-against-gold, wonder end-use of the loan. With increasing consumerism, that may not be good news

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