Monday, December 12, 2011

A Normal day... Cold outside, less cold inside !

A normal day... not an unusual one... should call for thankful prayers...

But everyday, with its ups/downs, needs infinite gratitude, being part of the journey... though last few days saw more downs than ups !! But got to go on... to live SSpiritually.

Today was better. Sun appeared, though the weather continued to be cold-winter day !

Got several responses to an inspiring mail-forward from many members of alumni group, across world! Felt nice.. to be connected.

Met a friend... a fellow-alumnus. Felt truly connected in this city, thousands of miles away from 'Home'. Afterall, we are just two alumni in this city !
( BTW Harsha Bogle was awarded by his alma mater, IIM-A. Congratulated-tweet-ed him)

Both of us, alumni, had gained weight. True sign of prosperity ! We both will get back to the treadmills at respective homes, with increased regularity and lose some flab !
Shared mutual concern about the evolving situation back home : the falling rupee, political chaos, lack of political leadership, overall depressing economic outlook, etc.
Of course, we did not focus on the negativity, but on better things around our lives.
Thank God for everything...

After a long gap, clocked 75 minutes on treadmill... Need to be more regular... While on treadmill, got an 'urgent' mail from a business contact ( key relationship).... his auto signature had the quote : Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness"Edward Stanley

Fitness should be one of the pillars of the efforts to LIVE SSPIRITUALLY.... hence sharing thoughts...& joy of meeting the fellow alumnus !

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